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electrical signals that are involved in the reproduction or transmission of sound
boosting of a signal to a usable level
to combine a number of sound sources
a device for amplifying, routing and mixing audio signals
an audio control console
the perception by the ear or by some other instrument of waves resulting from the vibration of air molecules
the level of sound, perceived as varying degrees of loudness
Preamplifier (preamp)
a small amplifier that boosts a signal, usually up to line level. It generally accomplishes the first step in the amplification process
Potentiometer (pot)
a device on an audio console that controls volume
Volume-unit Meter (VU-meter)
a device that provides a visual readout of loudness. Most important thing is to remember that zero is the refernce level to stay at or close to.
Monitar (Air monitors)
loudspeaker in a sound studio or control room
a device used to raise the volume or strength of a signal
anything that is fed out of of an audio system
silence over the air
a mode of console operation in which sound can be channeled into a speaker without being fed to the on-air transmitter. Also, assessing material or talent in advance of production
a transducer that converts sound energy into an electrical signal, which may then be amplified, recorded, or broadcast.
Muting System
a device that automatically cuts the control room speaker to prevent feedback when a mic is opened.
reamplification of a sound, resulting in a loud squel from a loudspeak; often caused by mic pickup of the output of a speak that is carrying the sound being picked up by a mic; also occurs when the record head of a tape machine receives the output signal of the same recorder.
Master Pot
the potentiometer (volume control) that governs the entire output of a console
the element of a turntable assembly that converts vibrations of the stylus into electical energy.
a miniature console through which several sources can be output to one of several submasters on a full-size multichannel console
a method of changing the routing of a signal through an audio system. Also, a connection that is temporarily placed between audio inputs and outputs.
Routing Switcher
an electronic switch that can route the input and output signals. Routing switching take the place of manuel patch panels.
a wire with an easily inserted connection, used to reroute signals for the convience of the operator
a device in which patchcords are plugged for the purpose of routing signals
Normal Connection
the way in which an engineering staf routes a signal under normal circumstances. If you want to change the pattern, you can use a patchcord to "break the norm."
a setup that allows many mics to be plugged into a sound source; useful for public events where journalists will be using tape recorders