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A name, term, symbol or design (or combination thereof intended to clearly identify and differentiate a seller's product from the competitor's; a conceptual entity that focuses the organization of marketing activities (usually with the purpose of building equities for that brand in the marketplace)
The shift in emphasis from selling what is produced to designing and selling products that satisfy a consumer need or market demand
Market driven
Relies on soft sell for results. Attracts customers by pulling them into the message.
Pull advertising
Exists when consumers are bombarded by hundreds of marketing messages per day
Principles that serve as guidelines for both individuals and organizations
The number of households within an area that purchased the products as a percentage of total households that bought in that product's category
Market penetration
Corporate sponsorship of lifestyle-related programs and events
Event marketing
A small group on consumers, viewers, etc. who have some very specific characteristics in common
Niche audience
A financial yardstick which measures the profit on a project relative to the investment
ROI (Return on Investment)
Term for the contemporary marketing communications task
Strategic brand communication
The identification of competitors in the marketplace
Competitive analysis
A legal term for paid communications, primarily advertising
Commercial speech
An act of communication that seeks to convince another to voluntarily change, resolve, or formulate their opinions, feelings, or actions through the use of argument, reasoning, or entreaty.
The most powerfule federal agency with control over marketing communications
Federal Trade Commission
The four P's of advertising
A request from a client to a number of agencies to prepare an initial credentials presentation, which usually includes initial qualifications for the requesting client
RFP (Request For Proposal)
A written document designed to outline the marketing objective, the rationale for the objective and how it will be fulfilled
Marketing plan
Gathering and analysis of original information from a sample or population
Primary research
Gathering and analysis of information which is available in published form; printed or online sources
Secondary research
A marketing approach that suggests a consumer goes thru six steps when becoming convinced to purchase: knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and the actual purchase
Heirarchy of effects model
Expenditures or incentives used by manufacturers and other members of the marketing channel to help push their products thru to retailers
Trade promotions
Types of trade promotions (4)
Trade allowances
Off invoice allowance
Drop-ship allowance
Slotting fees
The incentives aimed at a firm's customers
Consumer promotions
What are consumer promotions aimed at? (2)
Increasing awareness of and loyalty to a brand
building immediate sales rather than on brand equity or loyalty
What do consumer promotions offer?
discounts, prizes, or other inducements to the customer
Price reduction to the consumer
What form do coupons come in?
Free standing inserts (FSI)
Less than ______% of all coupons distributed nationwide are redeemed
Sheets of coupons intended to get the customer to buy the product using the coupon as the incentive
Free standing inserts (FSI)
People in the advertising business have an obligation to be...
Advertising is...
We are each exposed to nearly ____ advertising messages per day
Advertising can be a center of...
Advertising is the primary method of reaching the consumer with a...
persuasive message
Advertising can mold & shape...
personalities & people
Moral virtue is the appropriate location between two extremes
Aristotle's Golden Mean
Act of the maxim which you will to become a universal law; act in a manner that you would want to be made into a law for others to follow
Kant's Categorial Imperative
Love thy neighbor as thyself; do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Judeo-Christian Ethic
Doing what is right
Seek the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people
Mill's Principle of Utility
Advertising is protected as...
commercial free speech under the First Amendment
We must be ethical under the First Amendment because we operate within a free structure, as long as...
follow the rules of ethicality
Two basic criticisms of advertising
The most vulnerable group is...
Because the most vulnerable group is children, the _______ & _______ were created
Children's Advertising Review Unit
Children's Television Act
CARU's six basic principles on how to rate children's advertising
1) Their level of knowledge, sophistication, & maturity
2) Do not advertise unreasonable expectations of product quality or performance
3) Do not show advertising of products or contents unsuitable for adolescents
4) Use language young children can understand
5) Include positive role models in ads that can be accessed by children
6) Contribute to a parent-child relationship in a positive manner
Using sex in advertising requires
caution & restraint
Guidelines for using sex in advertising (5)
1) Must not be offensive
2) Cannot objectify
3) Cannot be demeaning or offensive to any particular consumer group
4) Cannot marginalize
5) Cannot stereotype ethnic groups
Problems with coupons (4)
Reduce revenue from sales
Mass cutting
Prizes, gifts, or other special offers received when the consumer buys the product
Buy product at grocery store and get instant cents-off by using coupon
Instant redemption coupons
Placing a coupon for one product on another product
Cross ruffing coupons
Issued following action by consumer to get the coupon
Response offer coupons
Coupons placed inside packages
Bounce-back coupons
4 types of premiums
Free in the mail
In-or-on package
Store or manufacturer
Self liquidating
In contests or sweepstakes entries depend upon...
size and quantity of prizes
In contests and sweepstakes, the more, larger prizes command...
more consumer entries
Problems with contests or sweepstakes (3)
Consumer indifference
The most popular premiums today
refunds & rebates
Can be given on big ticket items, like cars
refunds & rebates
Cash back offers made to the consumer
refunds & rebates
Other types of premiums
Bonus packs
Price offs
Regularly responds to coupons etc.; not brand loyal and purchase brands that are in promotion
Promotion prone consumer
Price is primary reason for making the purchasing decision so there is no brand loyalty
Price sensitive consumer
Will buy that brand regardless of coupons, promotions, rebates, etc.
Brand loyal consumer
Offers financial incentives to other channel members in order to motivate them to make a purchase
Trade allowances
Encourages channel members to place orders, because they receive a financial discount on each case ordered
Off-invoice allowance
Money paid to retailers who are willing to bypass wholesalers, brokers, agents, or distributors when making preplanned orders.
Drop-ship allowance
Funds paid to retailers to stock new products
Slotting fees