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Angelican church
the angelican church became the official church of england during the reign of Elizabeth I(1558-1603). with its establishment , england assumed leadership of the protestant world.
the view- heretical to puritans- that those possessing saving grace were exempt from the rules of good behavior and from the laws of community
Bradford, William
the governor of pilgrim sereatists at plymouth plantation. he wrote a history of the colony in "of Plymouth plantation"
House of Burgesses
established in VA in 1619 as an advisory body to the colony's governors. it was the seed of the system of representative government in English america.
Cambridge agreement
puritan stockholders in MA bay company drafted the cambridge agreement in 1629 wherein the agreed to migrate to the new world with their families if they could take the company charter with them. it led to the founding of MA Bay colony in 1630 and the puritans' great migration.
church of england
the angelican church became the official church of england during the reign of elizabeth I
Duke of York
became the proprietor of english colony of NY in 1664 when it was siezed from the dutch.
Great Migration
the mass movements of puritans to the MA Bay that begane in 1630 and continued into the 1640s. bad times and the religious persecution in england provoked it.
the london (VA)company was a joint stock company chartered in 1606 that was responsible for founding the permanent English settlement in America: Jamestown, VA, in 1607
Mayflower compact
an agreement among the pilgrims of plymouth plantation to establish a body politic and obey the rules of the governors that the chose.
proprietary colony
great landed estates granted by English monarchsto court favorites or those to whom the crown owed debts. Maryland and all English colonies in america founded after restoration in 1660 were proprietary colonies. proprietors hoped to derive a profit from the colonies they founded.