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What is the Frontier Thesis?
Article written by Fredrick Jackson Turner in 1893. Argued that the single most powerful force impacting the U.S. was the frontier
What was the Frontier Thesis based on?
Individualsim- self reliance
Democracy- life was recreated
Opportunity- safety valve against poverty
What is Quebec?
Frace's first permanent settlement in Canada. Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain
What is Montreal?
Founded in 1642 as a religious and commercial center.
What is New France?
The French colonies along the St. Lawrence River. Most settlers were sponsored by the government or their employers who paid their passage in return for three years of labor.
What was the fur trade?
French traded beaver furs for axes, knives, metal pots, and glass beads with the Indians. Trade also led to Indian alliances.
What is Jamestown?
English settlement in Virginia founded in 1607 that eventually developed into a prosperous colony due to the growing of tobacco.
What were the Virginia and Plymouth Companies?
The two companies that were chartered by Kind James I and given two tracts of land along the mid-Atlantic coast.
Who was Captain John Smith?
Leader of the Virginia Colonies. Helped organize the settlements by using military dicipline.
What was the headright system?
A system put in place to encourage immigration by giving each person 50 acres of land who paid their own way to Jamestown, plus 50 more acres for each additional person they brought with them.
What was the House of Burgesses?
It was the first governing body in the English colonies.
What was the importance of tobacco to the colonies?
Helped to financially support the colony. It controlled every aspect of Virginia life. Planters scrambled to claim lands near navigable rivers. More people came over as indentured servants.
What were indentured servants?
contract workers who agreed to work for a fixed term of labor, usually 4-7 yrs, in exchange for free passage to Virginia.
What was Maryland?
Granted to George Calvert by King Charles I in 1632. He wanted it to be a place of refuge for Catholics.
Who were the Puritans?
English who protested the Church of England and as a result left England first for Holland then to America on the Mayflower in 1620.
What was the Plymouth Colony?
First New England settlement founded by the Puritans in 1620
What was the Mayflower Compact?
The first document establishing self-government in North America. Created by the Puritans in the Plymouth Colony
What is the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
England Colony founded in 1629 by the Massachusetts Bay Company. Established just north of Plymouth. They chose John Winthrop as their leader.
Who was John Winthrop?
Prosperous Puritan lawyer chosen to lead the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Before landing in America gave a sermon called "A Model of Christian Charity" saying God chose them to establish a "city upon a hill"
Who was Roger Williams?
Didn't agree with the Massachusetts charter or the church. exiled back to England. later he came back to America and founded the colony of Providence.
Who was Massasoit?
Leader of the Wampanoags who helped the Pilgrims survive the winter and made an alliance with them against Wampanoag enemies. Taught Pilgrims how to plant corn and traded furs with them.
What was the act of religious toleration?
act passed in Maryland in 1649 by Calvert. It was the first law to call for freedom of worship for all Christians.
Who was William Berkeley?
The governor of Virginia who formed the Green Plains Faction. Alliances with land owners to bring stability to VA
Who was Nathanial Bacon?
English aristocrat who came to America seeking more fortune. He became dissatisfied with how Berkeley was running VA so he gathered an army and began Bacon's Rebellion.
What was Bacon's Rebellion?
Started by Nathaniel Bacon in 1675 because of the dissatisfaction between Governor Berkeley and settlers and indentured servants. Bacon's army takes over the capitol and runs Berkeley out of town.
What was the result of Bacon's Rebellion?
1. Steady expansion of the frontier
2. Lower property rights for voting
3. Shift toward slaves; Away from indentured servants
What is the "Liberal Concensus"?
no conservative traditions
no kings or aristocracy
no state supported church