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What group of Americans developed a secret code? What was it based on?
Navajos; their language
Who introduced mass production techniques into shipbuilding and what type of ship was built?
Henry J. Kaiser; Liberty ships
What name was given to women who worken in war production jobs?
Rosie the Riveter
What race of people began the fade of "Zoot-Suiters"?
Mexican Americans
Who were the most decorated group of soldiers during WWII (medals of bravery)?
Japanese-American soldiers
Who was known as the "desert fox" and who did he fight for?
Gen. Erwin Rommel; Germany
What Gen. helped to push Italy and Germany out of N. Africa?
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Who was in charge in "Operation Overlord"?
George Marshall
What general restarted the allied drive into Germany after the Battle of the Bulge?
Gen. Patton
Who led the Chinese Army to protect Burma?
Joseph Stilwell
Who broke the Japanes Code JN-25 which led to a victory in what battle?
Commander Joseph Rochefort; Battle of Midway
What is the name of the battle when the Soviet Union was attacked by Germany?
The Battle of Stalingrad
What do we call the day when "Operation Overlord" began (w/ date)?
D-Day; June 16, 1944
When Germany launched a counterattack against the allies in Belguim and Luxembourg what battle occurred?
Battle of the Bulge
What was the main purpose of attacking Pearl Harbor and Clark Field for the Japanese?
To try and gain military control of the W. Pacific
What island did soldiers and nurses escape to in the Phillippines before they Bataan Death March?
What was the name of the secret mission on Tokyo?
Doolittle Raid
During both of their island-hopping campaigns, name the islands in which Ad. Halsey & Gen. MacArthur worked through; And Ad. Nimitz?
MacArthur & Hasley – Solomon Islands
Nimitz – Gilbert Islands
When Gen. MacArthur returned to the Phillippines the greatest naval battle began in Wold History – What is the battle?
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Name the final 2 major battles for Allied troops in the taking of Japan:
Battle of Iwo Jima and Battle of Okinawa
What was used to detect German subs under water?
long-range sub-hunting aircraft
What was the nickname for volunteer Amerinca aviators in China?
"Flying Tigers"
Name the three aircraft carriers that were not in P.H. during the attack that were extremely important in winning the war.
Lexington, Enterprise, and Saratoga
What type of plane was dropping tons of explosives on Japanes cities?
B-25 Bombers (?)
What was the name of the project to creat the Atomic Bomb?
Manhattan Project
Elderly men joined what group and tested air raid sirens:
Civillian Defense Effort
What did the Executive Order 8802 do?
It opened jobs and job training programs to all Americans w/o discrimination.
Exectutive Order 8802 created what to hear complaints about job discrimination in defense industries and government?
Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC)
What was the "Double V" Campaign?
First "V" stood for victory against the Axis powers in Japan and the second stood for gaining equality at home. Launched in African American newspapers.
What government group moved all people of Japanes ancestry?
United States
What battle gave back the first piece of Japanese held territory to the Allies?
Battle of Guadalcanal
What was being defended in the Atlantic Ocean by the Allies from the Axis Powers?
Atlantic Trade Routes
What 7 countries were involved with "Operation Overlord"?
Belgium, Poland, the Dutch, France, Britain, American, & Canada
Where is Yalta located?
In the Soviet Union, near the Black Sea.
What new middle name was given to Jewish men and women?
"Israel" for men and "Sarah" for women
What conference was put together by F.D.R. to deal with Jewish refugees?
Evian Conference
What is the difference between death camps, concentration camps, and intenment camps?
Concentration camps are like prisons and centers of forced labor. Death camps are places where prisoners go to be murderd. (CC & DC used during Holocaust) Internment camps were places for people to be confined, not hurt or murdered.