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What are three characterisitics of North Africa and Southwest Asia?
contains world's largest desert and longest river, sites of two of the world's earliest civilizations, crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia
What is the largest Peninsula?
Arabian Peninsula
What are two characteristics of the Dead Sea?
lowest place and saltiest
What is Africa's longest mountain range?
Atlas Mts
What is the longest river in the world?
What percent of land area of Egypt does the Nile make up and what percent of people liver here?
3% and 90%
What does Mesopotamia mean?
land between two rivers
What river is longer between the Euphrates and Tigris?
What percent of petroleum is located in this region?
Where is petroleum and natural gas found?
countries bordering Persian Gulf and in Algeria and Libya
What decade led to rapid increases in oil prices?`
About how much precipitation is there?
10 inches
What percent do deserts cover?
What are the 3 countries with no desert areas?
Lebanon, Cyprus, and Turkey
What is the largest desert in the world?
Where there is water for irrigation there is what?
Deserts of Norht Africa and SW Asia have limited areas of what?
What are rocky gravel areas?
desert pavement
What desert has the largest area of sand?
Rubal Khali
What 4 coastal plains is the Mediterranean climate found on?
Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Tigris-Euphrates Valley
How many inches of rainfall is needed to grow certain crops without irrigation?
Whare is irrigation extensively used?
Nile River valley and along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
As distance from the region's coastal areas increase the average yearly amount of rainfall does what?
Where is the Steppe climate found?
upland areas north of the deserts in North Africa and in interior of parts of SW Asia
How do Steppe climates differ from Desert areas?
b/c they recieve enough rain to sustain substantial grasses
What are the 3 most common herds of pastoralism?
sheep, goats, and camels
What are three reasons vegetation has declined?
growing population, high demand of agriculture, grasses and shrubs ave been cleared