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Francis Fukuyama
argues for NGOs and for a diversity of institutions to rule the world; pluralist
Anne-Marie Slaughter
calls for a world government network made up of NGOs and a pluralizing intergovernmental institution; more of a pluralist than Fukuyama
Stephen Krasner
says sovereignty was compromised by transnational relations
Pervez Musharraf
says madrassas (Muslim schools) supported by transnational fundamentalist groups the largest NGO in the world
Rachael Carson (Silent Spring) and Jacques Cousteau’s (The Living Sea)
they initiated several environmental movements which spawned environmental NGOs
Peter Benenson
founder of Amnesty International (AI); example of Law and Human Rights NGO which doesn’t take money from governments
Kofi Annan
UN secretary general; social constructivist
Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali
UN high commissioner appointed to support the initiation of new countries entering into the UN
Margaret Karns and Karen Mingst
they suggest that delegations feared the NGOs might eventually weaken or eliminate the monopoly states in global decision making