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First to sail around the Cape of Good Hope opening a route from Europe to the East.
Bartolomeu Dias
While looking for the East Indies he discovered North America.
Christopher Columbus
Sailed around the Cape of Good HOpe to Calicut, India. Gave Portugal a direct route to India.
Vasco Da Gama
Discovered Newfoundland while seeking the Northwest Passage for England.
John Cabot
First European to see the Pacific Ocean from the East. Calimed it, Panama and surrounding land for Spain.
Led the first expedition that sailed around the world.
Led expeditions to Canada, traveled up the St. Lawrence to Quebec.
Explored the Arctic Ocean and northeastern North America. A river, strait and bay are named after him.
Opened a navigation school for mapmaking, navigation and shipbuilding.Sponsored expeditions Atlantic Ocean & western coast of Africa.
Prince Henry of Portugal
Sailed around Africa nd landed in Brazil claiming it for Portugal.