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Bartholomeu Diaz
Portuguese, first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish, Conquered Peru and the Inca empire
Ferdinand Magellan
Portuguese, first to sali around the world
Robert de La Salle
French explorer, explored the Great Lakes and traveled to the mouth of the Mississippi River and claimed it for France
Samuel de Champlain
French Explorer, Explored eastern coast of North America and the coast of the St. Lawrence River
Christopher Columbus
Made 4 voyages to West Indies and Caribbean Islands
Amerigo Vespucci
Italian, Sailed to West Indies and South America, North and South America are named after him
Francisco Coronado
Spanish, Explored American Southwest including the Grand Canyon
Prince Henry the Navigator
Portuguese, sponsored expeditions of the western African coastline
Vasco de Gama
Portuguese, First to travel to West Indies around Africa
John Cabot
Explored the east coast of North America, first to search for a Northwest passage