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acquaintance (date) rape
forcible sex when the people involved know each other, sometimes occuring on a date
child sexual abuse
sexual contact with a minor
painful or difficult sexual intercourse, the pain or difficulty is usually caused by infection or a physical injury such as torn ligaments in pelvic region
ego dystonic homosexuality
according to DSM III a disorder of people who are persistently disatisfied with teir homosexuality and wist instead to be attrated to members of the opposite sex
marked preference for obtaining sexual gratification by exposing one's genitals to an unwilling observer
fear of performance
being overly concerned with one's behavior during sexual contact with another, postulated by Masters and Johnson as a major factor in sexual dysfunction
female orgasmic disorder
a recurrent and persistant delay or absence of orgasm in a woman during sexual activity adequate in focus, intensity, and duration; in many instances the woman may experience considerable sexual excitement
female sexual arousal disorder
formerly called frigidity, the inability of a female to reach or maintain the lubrication swelling stage of sexual excitement or to enjoy a subjective sense of pleasure/excitement during sexual activity
reliance on an inanimate object for sexual arousal
forced rape
legal term for rape, forced sexual intercourse or other sexual activity with another person
satutory rape
sexual intercourse between an adult male and someone who is under the age of consent
gender identity
disorder in whcih there is a deeply felt incongruence between anatomic sex and the sensed gender, transsexualism and gender identity disorder of childhood are examples
fear or aversion to homosexuality
sexual desire or activity directed toward a member of one's one sex
hypoactive sexual desire disorder
absence of or deficiency in sexual fantasies and urges
sexual relations between close relatives, most often between father and daughter, or brother and sister
male erectile disorder
a recurrent and persistent inability to attain or maintian an erection until completion of sexual activity
male orgasmic disorder
see inhibited male orgasm- recurrent and persistent delay or absence of ejaculation after adequate phase of sexual excitement
orgasmic reorientation
a behavior therapy tech for altering classes of stimuli to which people are sexually attracted; indvs are confronted by a conventionally arousing stimulus while experiencing orgasm
person with a marked preference for obtaining sexual gratification through contract with youngsters defined legally as underage paraphillia
premature ejaculation
inability of the male to inhibit his orgasm long enough for mutually satisfying sexual relations
sensate focus
a term applied to exercises prescribed at the beginning of the Masters and Johnson sex therapy program; partners are instructed to fondle each other to give pleasure but to refrain from intercourse thus reducing anxiety about sexual performance
sensory awareness procedures
techs that help clients tune into their feelings and sensations as in senate focus exercises and to be open to new ways of experiencing and feeling
sex reassignment surgery
an operation removing existing genitalia of a transexual and constructing a substitute for genitals of opp sex
sexual gender identity disorders
DSM IV TR disorders compromising the paraphilia, sexual dysfunctions, and gender identity disorders
sexual aversion disorder
avoidance of nearly all genital contact with other people
sexual dysfunctions
dysfunctions where the appetite or psychophysiological changes of the noraml sexual response cycle are inhibited
sexual masochism
a marked preference for obtaining or increased sexual gratification through subjection to pain or humilation
sexual sadism
a marke dpreference for obtaining or increasing sexual gratification bu inflicting pain or humilation on another person
sexual value system
as applied by Masters and Johnson, the activities that an indiv holds to be acceptable and necessary in a sexual relationship
spectator role
as applied by Masters and Johnson, pattern of behavior in which the indiv's focus on and concern with sexual performance impedes his or her natural sexual responses
a person who believes he/she is oppsite in sex to his/her biological endowment; sex reassignment surgery is frequently desired
transvestic fetishism
the practice of dressing in clothing of oppp. sex for purpose of sexual arousal
painful spasmodic contractions of outer 3rd of the vaginal barrel which makes insertion of penis impossible of extremely difficult
marked preference for obtaining sexual gratification by watching others in a state of undress or having sexual relations