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What is a learning disability?
A group of neurological disorders that affect the brain's ability to receive process, interpret, store, or respond to information.
What percentage of children have a learning disability?
5% (about 3 millions)
What is the most common diagnosed learning disability?
Define 'dyslexia'
developmental disorder in which reading achievement is substantially lower than predicted by IQ or age.
Define 'attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders'
persistent inattention and distractibility, impulsivity, low tolerance for frusteration and inappropriate over activity.
What is the most common mental disorder?
How many children are diagnosed with ADHD?
2-11% (about 3-5 million)
How long must the disturbance be occuring and how many symptoms must be present before one can be diagnosed with ADHD?
6 month duration before age 7, and 8 symptoms must be present
What part of the brain functions at lower levels in children with ADHD?
Frontal lobe
True or False.
If one monozygotic twin has ADHD the other twin will too. The same goes for dizygotic twins as well.
False. Different for dizygotic twins.
Name a few of the environmental factors involved with ADHD.
poor maternal health during pregnancy, postmaturity, long duration of labor, maternal use of alcohol and cigarettes, malnutrition during the first year of life, chronic lead poisoning.
Name the drug that most preschoolers are being prescribed.
What does the IDEA stand for?
All children with disabilities receive a free, appropriate education. Children must be educated in the least restrictive environment possible in a regular classroom.
What is the average amount of time that children spend watching TV?
More than 6 hours