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animal animalis
n. a living creature, animal
aqua -ae
f. water
ars, artis
f. art, skill
auris, auris
f. ear
civis, civis
m. and f. citizen
ius, iuris
n. right, justicve, law
mare, maris
n. sea
mors, mortis
f. death
nubes, nubis
f. cloud
os, oris
n. mouth, face
pars, partis
f. part, share
roma -ae
f. tme
turba -ae
f. uproar
urbs urbis
f. city
vis, vis
f. force
a ab
prep+abl away from
prep abl across
appello (1)
to speak to, address
curro, currere, cucurri cursum
to run, rush
to change, alter
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum
to hold, keep
vito (1)
to avoid shun