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Forms of Imperialism
colony, protectorate, economic imperialism, sphere of influence
A country or a territory governed internally by a foreign power
A country or a territory with its own internal government but under the control of an outside power.
Economic Imperialism:
An independent but less developed country controlled by private business interests rather than other governments
Sphere of Influence:
An area in which an outside power claims exclusive investment or trading privileges
Local government officials used
Limited self rule
Goal to develop future leaders
Government institutions are based on European styles but may have local rules
Foreign officials brought into rule
No self rule
Government institutions are based only on European styles
The Legacy of Colonial Rule:

Negative Effects
1.Africans lost control of their lands and their independence
2.Many died from new diseases resisting the Europeans
3.Famines due to growing cash crops instead of subsistence agriculture
4.Breakdown of traditional values
5.Davison of African continent
The Legacy of Colonial Rule

Positive Effects
1.Reduced local warfare
2.Improved sanitization, hospitals, and schools
3.Life spans increased; literacy improved
4.Economic expansion
5.New construction of railroads, dams, telephones, and telegraph wires (only benefited European business interests)