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Who built the El Escorial
Juan de Herrera
Where did the funds come to build El Escorial
Phillip II of Hapsburg
Who painted the Etienne Chevalier and St. Stephen
Jean Fouquet
What is a chateau
a french castle or large country house
What is realism
extreme attention to detail
what is symbolism
a sign representing a meaning other than its outward appearance
What are 3 symbols in Jan van Eyck's paintings
The dove of the holy spirit sheds light on the mystic lamb (Christ), the fountain of life, apostles and saints are on the right
Who is the German Reniassance artist who painted for the English Court
Hans Hoban
Oil vs. Tempera
Tempera dries faster, Oil takes longer but allows better color and detail
Who is the northern artist who did self portraits
Albert Durer
Who did the Merode Altarpiece and whats different about it
Its done by The Master of Flemalle (Robert Campin) in 1425-1426 and it has Mary as a middle class person and Joseph is on the left
What is in the background of the Arnolfini Wedding
Jan Van Eyck was there in 1434 signed it above the mirror because he saw the wedding
What was Peter Breugel known for?
He was the most highly acclaimed Low Country master in the 16th century
Who influenced Peter Breugel?
What painting did Bosch do?
Garden of Delight (the naughty naked people)
What Italian aspects were in the Four Apostles painting?
The solidness of the weight, and the tension that was in the room
Arnolfini Wedding (Medium)
Oil on panel
Young Hare (Medium)
Water color with opaque white
Knight, Death and the Devil (Medium)
Etienne Chevalier (Medium)
Tempera on wood
What were the artists 2 names that did the Merode Altarpiece?
The Master of Flemalle and Robert Campin
When was El escorial built?