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field replaceable unit
the typical parts a tech should carry, such as RAM and a hard drive
power supply unit
Voltage x amperes = W

the amount of amps and volts the device needs
resistance to the flow of electrons
ground wire
an electrical outlet must have a ground wire to be suitable for PC use
Direct current DC
electrons flow in one direction around a continuous circuit

most electronic devices use
alternating current AC
flow of elections alternates direction back and forth in a circuit

travels long distances more efficiently
IEC 320 connector
standard electrical plug
AC switch
flipping the switch on the back of a power supply can wreak all kinds of havoc

might not start

volt ohm meter
measure a number of aspects of electrical current
surge supressors
surges are dangerous

absorbs extra voltage

can never survive a lightning strike
UPS -uninterruptible power supply
protects computer and data in the event of a power sag or outage

contains a big battery that provides AC power
power to the motherboard
20 or 24 pin P1 power connector
power to peripherals
molex mini and SATA
molex connectors
most common
5 or 12 volts
notches (chamfers)
always check for proper orientation before plugging in
mini connectors
5 and 12 volts
floppy drives
extra careful when plugging in (can destroy floppy)
SATA power connector
Serial ATA drives need a special 15 pin SATA power connector
3.3, 5, and 12 V

L shaped
motherboard power connector
soft power
soft power
The BIOS or OS takes over and hangles the chore of turning the PC on or OFF
active PFC
active power factor correction
extra circuitry that smoothes the power and eliminates harmonics
missing slot covers
can cause the PC to overheat
limits airflow
slowly dying power supply
sometimes bad things happens and sometimes they dont

computer crashes after 2 hours
Class C fire extinguisher
live electrical equipment

you can use ABC (multi fire )
proper voltage for a US electrical outlet
120 V
What voltage does an ATX12Vp1 connector provide for the motherboard?