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I / O =
Input / Output
Berliner came up with what in 1887?
78rpm records
Bell Labs patented 2 microphones what where they?
Condenser & Dynamic
What is a Transducer:
Converts one form of energy to another
What is the opposite of a microphone:
What type of power does a condenser mic use?
phantom power
1931 RCA introduced what?
33 1/3
In 1948 what did Columbia records re introduce?
33 1/3
Analogue Tape has 3 basic components, what are they?
oxide, binder, and the backing
John Mullin used german K4 for who's radio show?
Bing Crosby
Who developed the first multitrack recorder known as the octopuss?
Les Paul
Who were CD's created by in 1982
What does DAW stand for?
Digital Audio Workstation
This person handles the business ararangements for a recording project.
Ex. producer
This person is responsible for the creative process.
This person handles the technical side of recording.
This person is the second engineer. He makes sure everything runs smoothly.
Assistant Engineer
This is the most important part of any project and it must be done before hand.
What are the 3 phases of production?
Tracking, Overdubbing, and Mixing
This is the process of making a cd available in mutiple formats
XLR is the technical name for what type of cable?
NOT Audio but computer language.
What are the TT's (Tiny TV) used for?
Balanced Wiring has how many connectors?
Unbalanced Wiring has how many connectors?q
(Recording Levels)This the range between high and low.
Dynamic range
(Recording Levels) This is the level we want to record at
Nominal level
(Recording Levels) This is the highest point to record before distortion.
Maximum level
(Recording Level) This is known as the head room.
betwwen nominal and max
Channel path
Monitor Path
The Cue stystem is used for th e
What do you add in the Auxillary System
Good Ol'e Tom Stockham is responsible for what type of recording?`
This german developed the first workable tape player
Fritz pfleumer
The cassetee tape is replicated using a high speed device called the
bin loop duplicator
Vinyl Records get 3 nagative copies made at the factory
Father, Mother, and the Stamper which is heated and pressed
Condensor mics run on Phantom power that is how many dc volts
48V dc
This is an example of an unbalanced connector.
These are unbalanced guitar chord type cables
3/4 TS
Known for the wall of sound
Phil Crazyasfuck Spector
This is responsible for moving the tapes accross the head.
transport system
The name of the left hand reel
The name of the right hand reel
WHAT DOES THE capstan & pinch roller
work together to move the tape accross the heads at a consistent and accurate play speed
This records in high frequency
the erase head
This head records and plays back at the same time
the sync head
The head plays back in High Fidelity
The repro head
This is the Digital recording system used by nasa
ABLE Computer