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What is a colony administered by local rulers wih European advisors?
Who was the leader who sparked Islamic revival across West Africa in he early 1800s?
Usman dan Fodio
Who was Shaka?
the leader of he powerful Zulu kingdom in the early 1800's.
What is the Balance of Trade?
the difference beween how much a country imports and how much it exports.
Who promoed Indian cultural pride and is often called the founder of Indian nationalism?
Ram Mohan Roy.
What is purdah?
an Indian tradition of isolating women in separate quarters.
What is trade surplus?
an economic situation that occurs when a nation exports more than it imports.
what is trad deficit?
an economic situation that occurs when a nation imports more than it exports.
Who was Guang Xu?
the emperor who launched the Hundred Days of Reform in China.
Who was Sun Yixian?
became president of the new Chinese repbublic after the fall of the Qing dynasty.
Who's goal was to have the desire to the purity and simplicity of Muhammads original teachings?
The Wahabi Islamic reform movement.
As the Ottoman empire crumbled, Russia plotted to sieze the____and____in order to gain access to the Mederanian Sea.
Bosporus and dardanelles
The Westerners belif that they had a duty to bring thier civilization to ingerior races was a?
social darwnism argument in favor of western imperialism.
What colony did the British help create forr freed slaves in West Africa in 1787?
Sierra Leone colony
Who did the Boers of south Africa clash with?
the Zulus
What did David Livingstone belive?
that the end of the slave trade would come from opening the interior of Africa to Christianity and trade.
Why did King Leopold hire Henry Stanley?
to explore the Congo river basin and arrange trade treaties with African eaders.
Who interacted with African natives and saw them as children in need of guidance?
The Catholic and Protestant missionaries.
What sparked the Boer War?
Gold and Diamonds on the Boer lands.
At the Berlin Conference, European powers agreed that, in order to claim part of Africa, a European power had to set up a _____ _____ there.
Government Office
Why was Ethiopia ale to remain independent?
Because it modernized and imported European weapons.
What preserved its independence by defeatingn Italian invaders in1896?
The Shona of Zimbabwe organized to resist European Imperialism under the leadership of who?
In the Ottoman empire, tensions between Turkish nationalists and ethnic groups seeking independence sparked genocide against who?
the Armenians.
What is Muhamad Ali called and why?
the "father of modern Egypt" due to the reforms he made.
The interest of Europeans in Iran intensified wiht the discovery of what?
oil in the region.
What was caused by rifle cartidges greased with animal fat?
the Sepoy rebellion.
One result of the Seopy Rebellion was that____ended the rule of the ______ _______ company.
Parliament, East India
what did the Indian National Congress push for?
Indian self-rule.
What happened in the Treaty of Nanjing?
Britain gained control of Hong Kong.
The Hundred Days of Reform in China was partly bought by China's defeat in what?
the Sino Japanese War.
What was a result of the Taiping Rebellion that began in China in 1850?
The Qing government survived but had to share power.
What movement did not succeed in China because the Qing government did not support it?
The "Self-strengthening" movement.
Whats purpose was to protect U.S. trading rights in China?
The Open door policy.
What was one of Sun Yixian's "Three Principles of the People?"
Economic security.f
What is a Diet?
another name for Japanese Legislature.
Who are powerful buisness families who ruled over industrial empires?
What did Mongkut do?
set Siam on the road to modernization.
Who was Liliuo Kalani?
Ruler of the Hawaiian Islands who was overthrown by planters from the U.S.
What is a dominion?
another word for a self-governing nation.
What was a British penal colony during the 1700's?
What are Metis?
people mixed with Native American and French Canadian descent?
Who are the Maori?
Indigenous people of NewZealand.
Who were strong local leaders in Latin America who challenged central governments for power?
Who helped open an era of liberal reform in Mexico known as La Reforma?
Benito Juarez
Absolute power of the emperor was a feature of the_____political system created by____reformers.
Japanese, mejid
Who chose Germany as a model for the new Japanese government?
The Meji reformers.
What resulted in Japanese Isolation?
the rise to power of the Tokugawa family.
What helped Japan modernize in the Meji period.
Constitutional ending of legal distinctions between classes.
Who had the same legal status as minors in the Japanese society under the Meji?
Why did President Millard Fillmore send a fleet of American ships into lower Tokyo Bay?
To force Japan to open its ports.
Korea was the "______ _____" forced to open its ports to Japanese trade in 1876.
Hermet Kingdom.
What was the result of the First Sino-Japanese War?
Japan gained control of Taiwan.
What was French Indochina mad up of?
Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
Siam avoided becoming a European colony by accepting unequal_____and_____.
Treaties and modernizing.
A Filipino complaint about Spanish rule in the 1800's was tht what?
The Catholic church abused its power.
What was the result of the Russo-Japanese War?
Japan gained control of Korea.
What was the March First Movement?
a Korean nationalist movement.
IN the late 1800's, the U.S. Germany, and Britain agreed to a triple protectorate over the Pacific Island of what?
In the late 1800's, the British began to profit for the important port of what?
Sinagapore located in southern Malaya.
What was a result of the treaty that ended the Spanish-American War?
When the U.S. gained control of the Filipines.
What did Canada gain as a result of the British North America Act of 1867?
British created the provinces of Upper and Lower____when it passed the_____Act of 1791.
Canada, Constitutional
In 1814 Why did the missionaries land in New Zealand?
To convert the Maori to chrisianity.
What did the Conservative leaders in Latin America in the 1800's believe?
in the traditional and social order.
Who were the first British colonists to settle Azustralia in large numbers?
What resulted in the U.S. gaining control of Texas?
Armed conflict with the forces of Santa Anna.
What was the main idea of the monroe doctrine?
The shutting down of furture colonization of the American continents by European powers.
What gave the U.S. the right to intervene in the affairs of Cuba?
the Platt amendment
The U.S. gained control of land for the_________by helping the_______revolt against Colombia in exchange for the land.
Panama canal, Panamanian