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are objects,devices,or things
deeds,efforts,or performances
is a distingusihing characteristics of services that makes them unable to be touched or sensed in same manner as a physical good
product continuum
one helpfull approach to looking at the differnces between good and services
goods are...they posses physical properties called searcch attributes that customers can feel,tastes,and see prior to their purchase decision
tangible dominant
services are...primarily characterized by experience and credence attribues
intangible dominant
a distingushing characteristic of serivces that reflects the interconnection amoung the service provider, the customer receieving the service,and other customers sharing the service experience
partial employees
are customers who coproduce their service via a cooperative effort with service providers
a distingusihing characteristics of services that reflects the variation in consistency from one service transaction to the next

-makes in impoosible for a serivce operation to a chieve 100 perfect quality on an ongoing basis
a distinguishin characteristic of services in that they cannot be saved, their unused capactiy cannot be reserved, and they cannot be inventoried
refers to the use of physical evidence to design service enviroments
customer satisfaction
is a short-term transaction specific measure of whether customer perceptions meet or exceed customer expectations
customer relationship management (CRM)
the process of identifyin attracting,differentiating,and retaining customers
categorizing customers based on how profitable their past business has been
process of directing incoming calls to customer-service representatives in a way taht ensure that more profitable customers are more likely to recieve faster and better customer service
involves offering the firms most profitable customers speacil deals and incentives
involves making key customer information accessible to all parts of the organization, and in some cases selling that information to other firms
service quality
an attidue formed by a longterm overall evaluation of performacnnce
service gap
the gap between customers expectations of serice and thier perception of the ervice actually delieved, which is a function of the knowledge gap, the standards gap, the delievery gap, and the communication gap
customer retention
referes to focusing a firm's marketing efforts towards the existing customer base
conquest marketing
a strategy for constanly seeking new customers by offering discounts and markdowns and developing promotions that encourage new business
leaky bucket theory
traditionally associated with conquest marketing, where new customes replace disloyal customers at the same rate;hence the firm never grows
polygamous loyalty
reflects the notion that customer loyalt tends to be divided amount a number of providing firms
service recovery
a firm's reaction to a complaint that results in customer satisfaction and goodwill