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What was important about Mary Leakey's Discovery?
She discovered the first remnince of prehumans
What are Hominids?
Human beings and other living things that walk upright
Define Prehistory
The long period of time before people developed writing
What does and anthropologist study?
The physical features, development, and behavior of hominids
What does and archeologist study?
The material remains of prehistoric and historic people
What are 3 ways that fire helped early man develop?
It protected them from freezing winters, it cooked their food, it frightened away predators, and it helped slaughter animals
What does a burial site say about early man?
It shows us that they believed in life beyond death
What is the same about Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons? What is different?
Neanderthanls were caring, powerfully built, found in Germany, and had a larger brain than homo erectus. Cro Magnons were advanced in speaking, had better tools for hunting, learned how to sew, and were found in South Africa
How did daily life change during the Neolithic time period?
The early man started farming
What are the factors that caused the agricultural revolution?
Global warming supported crops and the crops supported more people using less space, which was good for the population boom
What type of problems developed during the growth of villages?
Natural disasters, disease, and attacks from nomads and wanderers all were problems city-states had
What are the 5 key traits of civilization?
1)The rise of cities
2)Specialized Workers
3)The use of writing
4)Advanced Tools
5)Complex Institutions
What are the 3 stone age periods?
Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic