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What does sacramental awarness reveal about God's presence to us in creation?
God is everywhere all the time.
Define Sacramental Dullness and list three possible causes of it?
Those who cannot perceive the sacred in their life
1. People are to busy
2. A great deal of pain and sufferering exists in the world
3. People do not know where to look or what to look for.
Briefly describe how sacramental dullness can be cured.
Taking a second and looking closer to see if wee missed something the first time around.
What is grace?
Is the creative, sustaining, and transforming self gift of God that is always being offered to us.
What role does body language play in communication?
It informs us what is going on inside by the way he or she acts on the outside.
Describe three examples of God's body langauge.
1. When Moses recognized
God in the burning bush.
2. Samuel saw god in a dream.
3. A landowner treating his workers generously
Define sacrament in the broadest sense of the term
God's loving presence made visible and tangible in our life here and now.
How did Jonathan and Matt say yes to God's offer of friendship?
By listening and responding to one another
List two skills necessary for sacramental awarness.
Listening and responding
What is a sacramental moment? Give an example.
When Matt and Jonathan had their conversation.