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characteristics of java
1) parsimonious
3) Robust
4) Strongly typed
5) Secure
6) Portable
7) Platform independent
Java's own platform
Includes: programming interfaces, programming tools, & documentation
Program types
1) Console app
2) windowed app
3) applet
4) JavaBean
5) Web Service
6) Servlet
Stand-alone apps
Console app
Windowed app
Java Web Start
MAY rely on servlet
store, retrieve later
Used w/ JSP (Java Server Pages)
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
Program Developement Cycle
1) Analyze the requirements
2) Design the solution
3) Validate the design
4) Implement the desing
5) Test he solution
6) Document the solution
Analyze the requirements
- Review program specifics
- Meet w/ analysts & users
- Indent program components
Design the solution
- group activities into modules
- devise solution alg
- design user interface
validate the design
- test solution alg w/ sample data
- confirm w/ user that sol meets requres
implements the design
- translate alg into code
- enter code in PC
test solutoon
- test program
- debug
- integration testing
Document the solution
- review code
- review & revise internal doc
- formalize/complete user doc
benefits of OOP
1) reusability
2) stability
3) Easier design
4) Faster design
OOP & OOD concepts
1) object
2) method
3) class--> instance
4) subclass
5) inherits
6) hierarchy
7) message
8) event
9) encapsulation
10) polymorphism
interpreter executes bytecode. --> JVM
part of JRE
Java API
pre-written classes, 50 predefined packages/class libraries. Found in JRE
java Applet viewer
display applets w/o version/enabling probs w/ internetish stuff, appletviewer.exe. part of JRE
Java Developement Tools
VATES, IDE, builder tools
application program interface, standard stet of interfaces/ class functionally grouped into packages.
the classes are desinged so they can be reused in many systems, or modified classes can be created using inheritance
classes designed for repeated use/become stable over time,
class libraries
aka class packages, set pre-defined class packages.