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What can best be defined as the sum of protection mechanisms inside the comuputer, including hardware, firmware, and software?
trusted computing base
Which of the following statements pertaining to protection rings is false?
They support the CIA triad requirements of multitasking operating systems
Which of the following places the Orange Book classifications in order from most secure to least secure?
Division A, B, C, D
The Orange Book describes four hierarchical levels to categorize security systems. Which of the following levels requier mandatory protection?
Division A and B
Which Orange Book security rating represents the highest security level?
Which Orange Book security rating introduces security labels?
The Orange Book is founded upon which security policy model?
the Bell-LaPadula model
The Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC)was written to address which of the following that the Orange Book did not address?
integrity and availability
What does CC stand for?
Common Criteria for Information Security Evaluation
What is it called when a computer uses more than one CPU in parallel to execute instructions?
Which of the following choices describe a condition when RAM and secondary storage are used together?
vertual storage
What is the Biba security model concerned with?
Which of the following is not a method to protect subjects, objects,and the data within the objects?
data mining
What is the main concern of the Bell-LaPadula security model?
What would best define a covert channel?
a communication channel that allows transfer of information in a manner that violates the system's security policy