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(opening line)
The Herdmans were absolutely the worst kids in the history of the world.
After all it was Saturday/ and not much else was going on./
It was a terrific fire..
two engines/ and two police cars and all the volunteer firemen..
and five dozen doughnuts sent up from the Tasti-Lunch Diner.
But Claude said / We weren't smoking cigars.
And they weren't
We santed to see if the chemistry set was any good.

Any other kid/
even a mean kid ..
The fire chief got us all together / there were fifteen of twenty kids/
standing around and watching the fire ..
I guess things would have been different if they had burned down say, the Second Presbyterian Church/
instead of the tool house/
They would have set fire to something else ... or somebody./
They were just so all round awful you could hardly believe they were real.
Where other people have grass in their front yard/ the Herdmans had rocks./
And where other people had Hydrangea Bushes/
It was the meanest looking animal I ever saw./
It had one short leg