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What publication covers the "Chain Of Command"?
AR 600-20
What is the Chain Of Command?
A simple and direct chain of command that facilitates the transmittal of orders from
the highest to the lowest level of command in the organization, with the least chance
of misinterpretation.
Name the channel of communication that reinforces the chain of command?
The NCO support channel (Command Sergeant Major to First Sergeant to other
NCOs and then to junior enlisted).
Name who is in the Chain of Command and the NCO Support Channel?
The Squad Leader, Platoon Leader, and Company Commander are in your chain of
Command. Your Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, and Command Sergeant Major are
part of your NCO support channel.
Who is the first person in your chain of command?
Your squad leader or your immediate supervisor is the first person in your chain of
Explain the chain of command.
The succession of commanders, superior to subordinate, through which command is
May a noncommissioned officer be authorized to order an enlisted person into arrest
or confinement?
At company level, who is the first and second person in your chain of command?
Squad Leader and Platoon Leader.
Who are the basic manpower strength and grade of the Unites States Army?
The Junior Enlisted Soldier.
Do noncommissioned officers have the authority to apprehend personnel?
Noncommissioned officers have the authority to apprehend any person subject to trial
by court-martial in accordance with the Manual for Courts-Martial.
Among soldiers of the same rank, how is precedence determined?
According to date of rank, if date of rank is the same, length of active service in the
Army, when date of rank and length of service is the same, by total active federal
service, and finally by age.
Do noncommissioned officers have the authority to impose non-judicial punishment
on other enlisted personnel under the Manual for Courts-Martial?
Where does the Chain of Command stop?
Beginning at the lowest ranking soldier to the President of the United States.
How is information passed throughout the military?
By the Chain of Command.
What is the First Sergeant’s principal duty?
The First Sergeant’s principal duty is individual training of the enlisted members of
his or her unit.
Who administers the unit’s NCO Development Program?
The Company First Sergeant.
What is the NCO Support Channel?
It is a channel of communication and supervision from the Command Sergeant
Major to First Sergeants and then other NCOs and enlisted personnel of the unit. It
reinforces and supports the chain of command.