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What is the Judicial Branch?
Supreme Court and highest court in land
What is the job for the Chief in the Judicial branch?
to settle issues concerning the Constitution and federal law
Who is the head of the Executive Branch?
the President
What are the jobs for the Chief in the Executive Branch?
1. to carry out the nation's laws
2. to direct foreign policy
3. to command armed forces
What will you find in the Legislative Branch?
2 houses:
1. Senate= 2 senators from each state
2. House of Representatives= membership based on population of each state
House and Congress together makes up...
What are the jobs for the Chief of Congress?
1. make nation's laws
2. control federal monies
The 1st three Articles of the Constitution describes what?
describes the three branches of government
What does Article 4 deal with?
relations between states
What does Article 5 deal with?
explains how the Constitution is amended
What does Article 6 deal with?
declares that the Constitution is the "supreme law in the land"
What does Article 7 deal with?
explains how the Constitution is ratified
What are the 7 Principles of the Constitution?
1. Popular Sovereignty
2. Limited Government
3. Separation of Powers
4. Checks and Balances
5. Federalism
6. Republicanism
7. Individual Rights