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Latin America lies between what two oceans?
Atlantic and Pacific
what makes it hard for latin americans to communicate?
mountains and highlands that seperate countries
what geography features help latin americans?
rivers because that is how they can communicate
what is the spanish word for "cold land"
tierra fria
what is the spanish word for "temperate land"
tierra templada
what is the spanish word for "hot land"
tierra caliente
what is the relationship between elevation and climate
the higher the elevation, the lower the climate.
what are the importances and consequences of clearing rain forests?
importance: is a good resource [lumber]
consequence: destroys natural habitat for wildlife
what is a cause of ethnic and cultural diversity of a region
when settlers came and had children with the natives and with the africans, it made different cultures and ethnic groups. IMMIGRATION
define mercantilism
the theory that a country's economic strength depended on increasing its gold supply by exporting more goods than it imported
define peninsulares
officials sent from spain to rule colonies & TOP RULING CLASS