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what are some perks to being a senator and house of represtantatives
the receive free space , parking, and trips to their home gymnasium, special restaurent, and mesucal clinic
whar is the franking privildege
senater and represantative can send job-related mail without paying postage
why are members of congress granted immunity
so they can say and do what they believe is right without fear of inter feventy from outsider
what are four jobs that personal staff do for their congressperson
A. gather information
B. meeting and write speeches
c. repotter and lobbyists
D. new bills and issues
what is the purpose of the congressional research service
it look up facts spell out arrmenl for and against proposed bills
what are the 3 main job of congressperson
(CRS) congressional research service, (GAO) the general accounting office, (CBO) the gressional bedget office
what is casework
the work theat a law maker does to help constituent with a problem
what are POrk Barrel Project
Gov't project and rants that primarily benefit the home dulrktor state
why would member of congress want to get pork-barrel project
to get money for a bridge of sometaing