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Skin and its accesory structures-hair, nails, along with various glands, muscles, and nerves?
Integumentary System
Covers the external surface of the body, is the largest organ of the body (in both surface area & weight)?
Skin or cutaneous membrane
-22 sq. ft.
-10-11 lb.
The superficial, thinner portion of the skin composed of epithelial tissue is the?
The deeper, thicker connective tissue part is the?
Deep to the dermis, but not part of the skin, is what layer?
subcutaneous layer (subQ)
-AKA: hypodermis
What layer consists of fascia, adipose tissue and blood vessels?
Composed of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium?
What are the four types of cells found in the epidermis?
3.Langerhans cells
4.Merkel cells (disc.)
Arranged in 4 or 5 layers and produce the protein keratin?
Develop from the ectoderm of a developing embryo & produce the pigment melanin?
A yellow-red or brown-black pigment that contributes to skin color & absorbs damaging UV light?
Arise from red blood marrow & migrate to epidermis, & participate in immune responses?
Langerhans cells
Cells thought to function in the sensation of touch?
Merkel cells (disc.)
-located in deepest layer of epidermis.
The layer of the epidermis that contains stem cells undergoing mitosis is the?
Stratum basale
-stratum germinativum
Which layer of the epidermis contains ALL the types of cells?
Stratum basale
Thorny connective layer superficial to stratum basale?
Stratum spinosum
Layer where keratinocytes move upward and die?
Stratum granulosum
-"graveyard" layer
Layer present ONLY in the thick skin of the fingertips, palms, and sole?
Stratum lucidum
The layer of skin you seen when looking at someone, contains dead keratinocytes?
stratum corneum
-subject to alot of wear & tear.
Process that takes keratinocytes to migrate from basale layer to granulosum layer and die is called?
-takes about 4 wks.
Composed mainly of connective tissue?
What are the two regions that make up the dermis?
1.Papillary region
2.reticular region
Makes up about 1/5 of the thickness of the total dermis layer?
Papillary region
Found in the papillary region, fingerlike structures called?
dermal papillae
-which contain Meissner corpuscles (corpuscles of touch)
Deepest layer of the dermis; contains, hair follicles, glands and adipose tissue?
reticular region
Fingerprints or footprints are also called?
epidermal ridges
Produce a pigment that contributes to skin color and absorbs ultraviolet light?
A round flat-raised area that represents a benign localized overgrowth of melanocytes & usually devlops in childhood or adolescence?
Nevus, or mole
Melanocytes need what enzyme present to activate colorization?
The oxygen-carrying pigment in red blood cells?