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Specialization by individuals or groups in the preformance of specific economic activities
division of labor
status assigned according to standards beyond one's control
ascibed status
expected behavior of someone occupying a particular status
two or more groups opposing each other to achieve a goal only one can attain
Group whose members interact on a face to face basis
small group
classification of people according to a shared trait or a common status
social category
suggest that people are motivated by self-interests
exchange theory
socially determined behaviors expected of an individual preforming a role
role expectations
The smallest group possible is
the network of interrelated statuses and roles that guides human behavior is called
social structure
Corresponding roles that define the pattern of interaction between related statuses are
reciprocal roles
the basis of the exchange theory is the concept of
takes place when one has a difficulties meeting the expectations of a single status
a state of balance between cooperation and conflict