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Triple Entente (Allies)
Great Britain, Belgium, Luxemburg, US, France, Russia, Italy
Triple Alliance (Central Powers)
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire(Turkey), Mexico
Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands
1915 Lusitania
torpedoed by a German U-Boat without warning 128 americans onboard died
Zimmerman Telegram
british gave wilson an intercepted message from the geramans to the gov't of mexico that proposed that in the event of war bw germany and the US, the mexicans should join germany against the US
Bolshevik Revolution 1917
new communist government led by Lenin, neogtiated a peace bw russia and the central powers, freeing german troops to fight on the western front
trench warfare
trenches sheltered troops while allowing limited fighting
poisonus mustard gas, gas went to bottom of trenches. could attack entrenched soldiers without direct combat
machine guns
faster machine guns, more ammunition
liberty bonds
war bond sold to support the allied cause in World War I. It could be redeemed for the original value of the bond plus interest.
war industries board 1917
angency created to coordinate governement purchases of military supplies
committee on public information
under the direction of denver journalist, George Creel. supervised distribution of printed marterial. self censorship, portrayed germans as savages
Espionage and Sedition Acts
made it illegal for any public expression of opposition of the war. allowed officals to prosecute anyone who criticized the gov't or the presidnet
Fourteen Points
Presdient Wilson presented to congress the principles for which the nation was fighting.
Treaty of Versailles
was the peace treaty which officially ended World War I
Leauge of Nations 1919
permanenet international organization to oversee world affairs and prevent future wars
Sacoo and Vanzetti 1920-1927
two Italian immigrants charged with murder of a paymaster. case weak but bc anarchists believed guilty. later died in electric chair
Henry Cabot Lodge
Senator from Massachesetts. chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he led fight against US participation in the League of Nations proposed by President Wilson
Great Mirgation
blacks migrated from the rural South to industrialized cities in search of the factory jobs the war was rapidly generating. Large black communites crowding the northern cities
Chicago Race Riot 1919
black teen swimming in lake Michigan driftd towards a white beach were he was stoned. blacks and whites fought in chicago retaliated killing 38
Marcus Garvey
black Jamaican. encouraged blacks to reject assimilation into white society and develop pride in their own race and culture.
Red Scare
heightened suspicion of Communists and other radicals, and the fear of widespread infiltration of Communists in U.S. gov't