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natural selection
differential success in the reproduction of different phenotypes resulting from the interactions of orgs with the environment. evoluntion occurs when this causes changes in relative frequencies in a gene pool
evoluntionary adaptation
a prevalence of inherited characteristics that enhance orgs survival and reproduction in specific environments
all the changes that have transformed life on Earth from its earliest beginnings to the diversity that characterizes it today
natural theology
a philosophy dedicated to discovering the Creator's plan by studying nature. adapatation of orgs are viewed as evidence that the creater designed each species for particular purposes
the branch of biology concerned with naming and classifying the diverse forms of life
a preserved remnant or impression of an org that lived in the past
sedimentary rock
rock formed from sand and mud that settled in layers on bottom of seas, lakes, and marshes. often rich in fossils
scientific study of fossils
hypothesis by Cuvier that each boundary between strata corresponded in time to a catastrophe, such as a flood or drought, that had destroyed many of the species living there at the time
view of Earth's history that attribute, profound change to the cumalative prouduct of slow but continuous processes
lyell's idea that geological processes have not changed throughout Earth's history
descent with modification
darwin's initial phrase for general process of evolution
artifical selection
selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to encourage occurence of desirable traits
similarity in characteristics resulting from a shared ancestory
homologous structure
structures in diff species that are similar because of common ancestory
vestigal organs
structures of marginal, if any, importance to org... historical remnants of structures with important functions in ancestors
study of past and prsent distribution of species
endemic species
speices that are confined to specific relatively small geographic regions