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integrated marketing communications
the concept of designing marketing communications programs that coordinate all prommotional activities such as advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing to provide a constant message across all audiences
5 elements of the promotional mix
advertising-efficient means but high cost with diff. feedback
personal selling- persuasive, but expensive
public relations -credible but difficult with media
sales promotion-flexible but can lead to promotion wars
direct marketing-quick but expensive
a nonpersonal, indirectly paid presentation of an organization, good or service
factors affecting use of promotion mix elements
target audience
product life cycle
product characteristics
stages of buying process
push strategy
dirrecting the promotional mix to channel members to gain their cooperation in ordering and stocking the product. mainly personal selling directed to intermediaries
pull strategy
directing its promotional mix at ultimate consumers to encourage them to ask the retailer for the product. mainly advertising directed to consumers.
4 w's of advertising
who is the target audience?
what are the promotional obj, budget, kinds of promotion to use
where should the promotion be run
when should the promotion be run
heirarchy of effects
4 ways to set promotion budget
objective and task
percentage of sales
competitive parity
all you can afford
direct marketing and its responses
uses direct communication with consumers to generate a response in the form of aan order, a request for further information, or a visit to a retail outlet