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slavery = evil. became powerful movement against slavery during antebellum years of Am. catalyst for Civil War
Gabriel Processer
1800- led 1,000 slaves in a revolt to capture Richmond. failed. processor and 34 foloowers hanged. displayed for 2 weeks
Am Colonization Society 1816
emanciaption of slaves and their settlement in Liberia. early antislavery movement
Denmark Vesey
1822. Vesy and other slaves planned a slave revolt in S. Carolina. supposed to be 9,000 ppl, but someone informed the white ppl. Vesy and other peeps exectuted
Theodore Parker
MA clergyman opposed slavery. preached and wrote pamphlets against slavery
Sojourner Truth
runaway slave who lived in NY. abolitionist and eloquent speaker for black emancipation and women's rights
Fredrick Douglass
leading black abolitionist and ex-slave. orator and humanitarian.
William LLyod Garrison
most influential white abolitionist. started a group of radical abolitionists through the publication of his magazine , "The Liberator" 1831
white...The Liberator
Nat Turner's Rebellion 1831
Turner= black slave. heard angels to be like Moses. led a slave revolt in VA. 60 whites die. revolt blamed on "The Liberator" ->banishment of anti-slavery propaganda from the South
Theodore D. Weld
leading white abolitionist. preached against slavery. 1831 wrote "Slavery as it is" - pamphlet that exposed the evils of slavery
Harriet Beecher Stowe
abolitionist. influential novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in 1852. national attention b/c of its attack on the sys of slavery. sold 300,000 copies in 1st year. intensified the unrest b/t North and South b4 Civil War
Uncle Tom
The Peculiar Institution
nickname the North gave to Slavery
King Cotton
economy of the South centered around production of cotton. and southern belief during the Civil War that England would support the southerners b/c they needed cotton
Mountain Whites
"poor white trash" or "hillbillies" of the South. owned no slaves, did not profit from slavery
Liberty PArty
Political party organized by Abolitionists in NY in 1840. advocated the abolition of slavery and nominated leader James Birney for pres 1840 and 1844. merged w/ other anti-slavery groups in 1848 -> Free Soil Party
...Free Soil Party