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Save/Save as
the Save As option allows you to select a name and storage device for a file, whereas Save option simply saves the latest version of a file under its current name and location.
a specialized hardware-dependent computer program, which is also operating system specific that enables another program to interact transparently with the given device.
Utility Program
a type of program provided by the operating system or third-party vendors that specializes in tasks such as system maintenance, security, or file management.
User interface
the software and hardware that enable people to interact with computers.
File name extension
a set of letters and/or numbers added to the end of a filename that helps to identify the file contents or file type.
Hackers & spoofing
faking (a return address) to hide the identity of the real person
a file system used by Microsoft Windows 98, 98 and Me operating systems to keep track of the name and location of files on a hard disk.
copyrighted software that is given away by the author or owner.
Interpreters and compilers
programs that convert high-level instructions in a computer program into machine language instructions, one instruction at a time.
DBMS & its functions
application software that assists the user in manipulating, storing, and maintaining database files.
De-fragmentation utility
a software tool used to rearrange the files on a disk so that they are stored in contiguous clusters.
Macro virus
a computer virus that infects the macros that are attached to documents and spreadsheets.
Workstations & clients
connected to a local area network
Internet and WAN and protocols
an interconnected group of computers and peripherals that covers a large geographical area, such as multiple branches of a corporation.
a LAN that uses TCP/IP communications protocols, typically for communications services within a business or organization.
System software & application software
computer programs that help you perform a specific task (i.e. Word Processing).
a network device that examines the IP address of incoming data, and forwards the data towards its destination.
a network device that receives and retransmits amplified signals so that they can retain the necessary strength to reach their destination.
Boot sector virus
a computer virus that infects the sectors on a disk that contain the data a computer uses during the boot process. The virus spreads every time the infected disk is in the computer when it boots.
Trojan horse
a computer program that appears to perform one function while actually doing something else (i.e. Inserting a virus into a computer system or stealing a password).
Stealth viruses
Hide volume and date when they attach to files.
Polymorphic viruses
Change signature each time they attach to a new file.
Fiber-optic cable / coaxial cable
a bundle of thin tubes of glass used to transmit data as pulses of light. A type of cable constructed of a center wire surrounded by a grounded shield of braided wire, used to connect nodes on a network.
Recycle bin
Can be opened to retrieve most recently deleted files
a process where a protocol helps two network devices communicate.
WiFi wireless network
an Ethernet-compatible wireless network that uses 802.11 a, b, g, and n standards.
CATV bandwidth is divided into 3 parts
TV channels, downstream and upstream.
Mal-ware is malicious program authored by a skilled programmer, 4 types:
a. Viruses
b. Worms
c. Trojan horses.
d. bots
Time bomb
virus activated at specific date
Logic bomb
Virus activated when a condition is met