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After chromosomes are replicated mitosis distributes one chromosome copy to
Each daughter cell
Mitosis and Cytokenisis produce
two genetically identical daughter cells, which are also identical to the parent cell.
Meiosis produces
Two genetically differernt haploid gametes.
Mitosis is the basis of
Asexual reproduction
Mitosis occurs in
somatic cells
Each chromosome has _____ molucule of DNA
Cell Division
New cells arise through the division of pre-existing cells
a division of the genetic material that produces daughter cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell
The division of the cytoplasm into the two daughter cells
Walther Fleming observed
Threads that are only observable during mitosis. Later known to be chromosomes.
copying of the hereditary material in chromosomes
What are the twio key events in the cell cycle
replication and the partinioning of the chromosomes to each daughter cell
Early psychologist believed that DNA Replication happened in the
M Phase
What two technical innovations allowed for testing for when replication occured?
Culturing of eukaryotic cells and the availability of radioactivly labeled deoxyribonucleotides.
The cell division hypothesis was confirmed by
the microscopic observation of early development of embyros.
True or False: The number of chromosomes remains constant division after division
While looking for DNA synthysis, scientists found that their were two gap phases. What kind of experiment was being used when this was discovered?
Are tumor suppressors in unicellular orginisms? Why or why not?
No, because they are not attached to eachother in a multicellular organism and therefore cannot form a tumor.