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What is the function of prosthodontic dentristry?
Substitutes or replaces oral structures.
What factors influence the scheduling of prosthodontic patients for treatment?
Procedures to be done during the appointment and laboratory time required between appointments.
What should you do if you are uncertain about the time allocation for various prosthodontic procedures?
Ask the dentist and coordinate with the laboratory.
What form must you intiate whenever preliminary impressions are made?
DD Form 2322.
What class of inlays are made for the mesial and distal surfaces of an anterior tooth, plus one or both of its incisal angles?
What class of inlays are limited to the facial surface of any of the teeth?
What type of crown consists of complete coronal coverage of the tooth with a metal substructure overlayed with porcelain or resin?
Complete veneered.
Metal castings that cover the natural teeth the dentist prepares to support the fixed partial denture are called?
An artificial tooth that occupies the space formely filled by the crown of a natural tooth is?
a pontic.
What type of pontic is designed with a space of approximately 2 mm existing between the gingival surface of the pontic and the ridge mucosa?
Hygienic or sanitary.
What type of fixed partial denture has a pontic suspended from only one retainer?
A single pontic and thin metal retainers located both proximally and lingually on the abutment teeth is a?
Maryland bridge.
When does an immediate denture usually require a reline after intial insertion?
3 to 12 months
What type of prosthesis is designed to replace one or more missing natural teeth (but not all), gingival tissue, and associated parts of the maxilla or mandible?
Removable partial denture.
What type of appliance replaces the entire dentition and is constructed for insertion over one or more remaining prepared teeth, roots, or dental implants?
Complete overdenture.
The DD Form 2322, Dental Laboratory Work Authorization, contains?
patient information, fabrication instructions, and is used as a precious metals voucher, and an entry form for composite laboratory value codes.
How many copies of DD Form 2322 must accompany a prosthetic case if the case is to be fabricated locally and precious metals are not required?
How many copies of DD Form 2322 must accompany a prosthetic case if the case is to be sent out to another laboratory for fabrication and the case requires precious metals?
What is used to keep dental compounds or other materials stored at a pliable consistency?
Utility heater.
Maintenance of the bunsen burner includes all of the following except?
balancing a mixture of air and gas to produce a yellow flame.
Which type of tray is generally used to make final impressions for crowns, fixed partial dentures, and complete dentures?
Which spatula is used on the less delicate wax work where detail is not required?
Gritman # 31.
The roach carver is primarily designed to carve?
Which prosthodontic knife has a fairly large, red plastic handle and uses detachable blades?
Which knife has a large, flat blade at one end with a wide screwdriver-appearing projection at the other end?
What type of bur is used only in straight handpieces and lathes in the dental laboratory?
Denture trimming.
Which instrument has a handle encircled with a heavy steel weight that slides from one end of the handel to the other?
Crown remover.
What device recreates the normal movement of a patient's jaw during the fabrication of the prosthesis?
What treatment does the dentist provide at the intial appointment for fixed prosthodontic treatment?
Evaluation of the patient's treatment needs and preliminary maxillary and mandibular impressions for study casts.
Whose responsibility is it to coordinate the prosthodontic cases with the dental laboratory?
Dentist's assistant.