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How often must you reconcile weapons and COMSEC detail records?
Anually for weapons, semiannually for COMSEC
What document file code is used to indicated a source document is to be filed? destroyed?
F- File
D- Destroyed
What management notice reflects due out requisitioning action taken on an issue request?
What are the four major supply processes
Item accounting, file maintenance, report and accounting, and finance
Cancellation requests are created by standard base supply system(SBSS) programs to control what?
Excess stockage
What report do you send to the Small Arms Registry at Robins AFB when your base weapon assets are increased or decreased
Which listing serves as a custody reciept when signed by the property custodian?
How is the Q04 repair cyle data list used?
It is used to review the base in house repair capability program
what listing provides you with the capability to ensure that equipment authorization are maintained with in prescibed allowances?
Q09 Allowance Source code Listing
When is a shipment suspence detail created
When shipments and transfers are procesed
How often is the unserviceable storage area reviewed by storage personel for validation purpose?
What marking identifies the year og manufacture on a aircraft tire?
color tape
When performing an inventory on a equipment account which product is used to record the out of balance conditions?
What activity is composed of top level managers who determine program priorities and make sure that resources are allocated in the most effective manner?
Financial Management Board
The inventory deadline date is the date that the actual count
What is a major disadvantage in the use of unimproved open storage?
Limited use of material handling MHE.
What protects items placed in outside storage from wet ground conditions?
What are 2 types of open storage areas?
Improved and unimproved
What does the time change monitor use to purge the AF form 2005 suspense file?
Daily Document Register
How many copies of the AF form 2005 turni in request are required for turn in preperation?
What markings on an item provide adequate proof that a functional check was done
Base maintenance inspectors stamp/ signature
How long is the locally developed checklist used to conduct inspection of chemical containers maintained?
1 Year
What term is used for the repair rate of the current and past four quarters?
Annual percent of base repair
What form is prepared to recommend/request changes to equipment allowance standards?
AF Form 601
Which of the following scenarios is an example of a warehouse refusal
quantity in location neede to fill an issue request is not sufficient
Which discrepancies are reported on a SF364
Incorrect material unacceptable subtitues or duplicate shipments regardless of the dollar value.
Which program assigns freeze code C to all item records specified with in the report parameter for a complete inventory?
Inventory Count File Program
Which individual is appointed by each base activity to monitor the base reusable container program
Senior logistics officer
The central locator listing is maintained for how many days after a new directory is recieved?
Which Phrase on an issue or shipment document requires you to validate the serviceable balance of property in location?
Ser Bal=0
What transaction identifier code identifies a warehouse change document for an indicative data change?
What storage safety device will be used at the corners of stacks at the main and cross aisle intersections in the warehouses?
Corner Marker
To protect all AF personnel from work related deaths and injuries and job related illness is the purpose of which of the following programs?
Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety Fire Protection and Health
When deficiencies are noted during a scheduled warehouse surveillance the inspector does a follow-up inspection within how many days?
How are EAID turn-ins processed?
TRIC:TIN with activity code E
How often do supply sources provide material obligation validation requests to requisitoning bases?
Bench stock items are recommended for deletion during the semi-anually review if date of last demand is greater than
270 days
Which report does records maintenance use to determine which routing identifier records should be deleted after end of year processing due to lack of use?
What dictates the functions you may access in AFIMS for transaction processing?
Your user profile
Which of the following AF forms is used to request a change to an allowance standard or an item whose basis of issue requires approval above wing or base level?
601/allowance change request
What cancellation ststus code indicates that a due-in cancellation request was generated by offline action?
What document identification code identifies an automatic requisition to the source of supply?
What input is used to change the stock # ERRCD,EMC routing identifier and budget code?
FIC Input
How do you identify TCTO kit stock number?
By K in the 5th position of the stock number.
What does the first position of an ERRCD designator signify?
It shows the expendability of a supply item
Which of the following is not a primary area of concern for the Supply Asset Tracking System (SATS)?
Increase overall warehouse storage space.
What happens to the quantity on a due in detail record balance when a reciept is processed?
What partial quantity flag is used to indicate a partial reciept?
Which DD form is red and is used to identify property that is uneconomical to repair?
How are replies to a report of exess returned to base level?
Which condition tag is used to identify new, used, repaired or reconditioned serviceable material?>
DD Form 1574
Who's responsibility is it to identify of a misidentified item?
The annotated forecast listing of all computer requirements is returned to the computer room producion scheduler by the.....
15th workday.
How often are CA/CRL jacket files verified?
What Micap delete code indicates a report that was reported in error?
What product is used to review and validate adjusted stock levels?
What types of minimum adjusted stock level has a reorder point one-third the adjusted stock level quantity?
Type level A
What data application system is used to analyze RSP support and its effect on aircraft sortie capabilities?
What type of rsp is used by deploying units?
Who must make the decision to transfer MRSP accountability?
What PC program is used to manage mobility bags?
Mobility Inventory Control accountability System (MICAS)
Demand levels for repair cycle items are based on what 2 factors?
Unit price and PBR
How many SMAGS are there within DOD?
What are the five different types of reports?
Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, as required, utility
What is the support period of an MRSP?
60 Days
What type of adjusted stock level restricts stockage and should you establish for seasonal items?
What UND codes reflect a MICAP requirement?
What is the purpose of the shipment suspense program?
To ensure that an item has been shipped
Which maintenance procedure is not a type of organizational maintenance
Replacing a vehicle fan belt
Who should help a driver back a vehicle into position for offloading?
Before accepting a shipment for Base Supply, the recieving section representative must ensure that........
All containers are accounted for
What type of reciept must be processed before all others?
Why are segregated, specialized holding areas necessary for items such as hazardous materials or pilferable items?
Safety or security reasons
What position is used to identify a bin subdivision in the warehouse location 05C045F056D?
What input is used to load, change, or delete a supply point detail?
Define a depot level repairable
A small group of selected XD items that are candidated for two level repair
What character appears on the MASS/SBSS reconciliation report indicating that differences were not updated under program control?
What material handling principle provides the greatest economy in the movement of material?
The least handling is the best.
What TRIC input assigns the deployment flag on a MRSP detail record.
What are three reasons for performing a cannibalization?
To prevent, transferm or terminate a micap.
Which product of the Standard Base Supply System(SBSS) is used to ensure rejects are processed in a timely manner?
Which AF SMAG division is etablished to fulfill general requirements needed for day to day AF operations?
General Support Division
Who is considered the primary AF SMAG manager?
Chief of Supply
At what skill level are trainees assigned to entry level supply processes such as demand processesing,recieving, storage, research, and document control, to provide a basis for further growth in a supply management career field?
What source do you use to find the action needed to correct a reject?
AFMAN 23-110 Vol. 2 part 2
What organization has responsibility for cradle-to-grave management of every AF weapon system?
What source of supply consists of vendors from the local community?
Local purchase
Which listing is used to perform the DIFM reconciliation?
What MASS/SBSS report provides current daily status of all MICAP incidents?
What transaction is processed by Repair Cycle Support when a time change item is needed to satisfy a MICAP condition?
Turn-in document
How many days prior to the schedule time change may an item be requisitioned if the item is not available at base level to fill the demand?
Which copy of what form is used by the point of submission as a control register for determining the next available document serial number when preparing an issue request?
Copy 2 of AF FORM 2005
Which management notice reflects the total base asset position of an item?
Which base wide organization utilizes CAMS to interface w/SBSS?
What activity code identifies an issue request as a CAMS document?
Which update is prepared and processed by repair cycle support(RCS) to update demand data on the item record and repair cycle data on the repair cycle record?
Maintenance turnaround record update.
Which report is transeived to the applicable source of supply to report the intiation, termination, or change to a MICAP condition?
Which record is simultaneously established as a result of processing a replacement request for a repair cycle item?
Due in from maintenance detail record
A TCTO kit stock number are identified by a K in the 5th position and have an ERRC of
Where are all TCTO kits forwarded to after being reciepted for by base supply recieving?
Repair Cycle support
What tric is used to issue assets from an MRSP to the user?
What bare base equipment package describes an air transportable tent based system of housekeeping equipment and supplied designed to provide basic living accomodations, messing and hygiene support for short duration deployments and exercises?
Harvest Eagle
What category of WRM describes equipment assets that can be used for both peactime and wartime?
IRSP assets are designed to support an organiztation in place for the firt how many days of wartime operations?
Which type of mobility bag contains chemical warfare defense equipment?
What input is used to load the warehouse loc (PQDR/MDR)control number on the DIFM detail record?
Which input is used for initial stockage and replenishment of a supply point?
What TRIC changes the unit price, unit of issue and quantity unit per pack(except for local purchase items) fields on internal records?
What section stores small armms for mobility use?
Which listing reflects AWP due-out detail records with their applicable due in and status detail records?
What CAMS data screen is used to reconcile the maintenance status of a MICAP requirement?
What MICAP flag on an issu requist is needed to establish a MICAP due out?
Who is responsible for ensuring that all local resources are exhausted prior to submitting a MICAP requisition to the source of supply?
Both MICAP and Maintenance
What code found on a MICAP report (DIC B9x) identifies the reason for termination of the MICAP condition?
Delete Code
A supply representative acknowledges reciept of DIFM turn-in by signing
and dating copy 3 of the original issue or due out release document.
What section is responsible for maintaining and publishing the delivery destination listing?
record maintenance
What activity code on an issue request identifies a CAMS document?
What CD-Rom research system can be used to cross relate part numbers and stock numbers?
How are next higher assemblies determined in the TO systems?
The indent DOT system
What TRIC is used to load a new stock number?
Tric FIL
What records are established by processing a FIL input?
Item Record and Repair Cycle record
What ERRCD's identify repair cycle assets?
What listing is used to perform the DIFM reconciliation?
What form is used to identify TCTO kit requirements or parts/needed to assemble a kit?
AF form 2001 Notification of TCTO kit requirement
To be eligible for the AF wholesale logistics program, applicants must hae less than how many years time-in-service?
What supply flight may be eliminated at base level when no flying mission exists?
Combat Operations
Which on-line screen can you use to view and clear rejects and variances?
What 2 organiztaions provide wholesale logistics experience for selected Supply non commision officers (NCO)?
What Standard Base Supply System(SBSS)process is activated is assets are insufficient to satisfy the requirement on the requested item?
To implement a three flight supply structure at base level requires approval?
Decentralized support centers are operated by what flight?
Combat Operations
Which item accounting process provides the total asset position of the item record requested to include interchangeable and substitues?
Due out process
What UJC are used on time change requests?
What is the purpose of the D23?
To monitor the status and visibility of DIFM assets also shows the repair cycle time and PBR
What working file does records maintenance use to review and validate all delivery destination records loaded in the supply database
M24 organization effectiveness report
What manegment notice is provided for all part # requests that can not be converted to NSNs under program control?
What form is used to request an adjusted stock level?
AF form 1996
COMPES is made up of which two base modules?
Logistics module(LOGMOD-B)base level, Manpower and personnel module base level (MANPER-B)
How many characters is the descriptive nomenclature field limited to on the item record?
During a deployment for less than 120 days accountability of equipment assets belong with
The Home Base
What document identifies the quantities of consumables authorized to be stored at the point of use?
War Consumables Distribution Objective (WCDO)
IPBs are normally identified and published by
-4 series of techniacal orders
Which code in an IPB provides maintenance activities with repair level responsibility support methods and disposition instructions?
Sourc, maintenance and recoverablitity SMR
What basic record does TRIC FIL establish
Item and repair cycle record
Which code is used in the first position of an ERRC designator to identify an expendable item?
When is the USAF Supply Manual published?
What code identifies your career field and skill level specialty?
AFSC Air Force Specialty Code
Which volume and part of AFMAN 23-110 is used the most in base supply?
Volume 2, PART 2
After an actual post-post peroid or exerscise who determines the need for and arranges processing for, backlogs at alternate site?
The management and systems officer (MSO)
Who determines the priority of projects to be performed by the supply analysis element?
Chief of Supply
Which of the following is not a category of reciept discrepancies?
Serviceable reciepts
What action must be taken on the reciept document for an overage reciept?
circle the incorrent quantity and put the correct quantity above it.
A supply inspector uses what three things to identify an item?
refernce #, Stock #, and item description
What code is used to process a recoverable item found on base if the organization no longer requires the item and it is not on that organizations accountable record?
At what temperature must a refrigerated storage chill space be maintained?
Between 32 and 50 degrees
If you are unable to complete the standard form 91, operators report of motor vehicle accident due to injury or death who will complete the report?
Vehicle control officer (VCO)
Which form is used to request a replacement container when the original container has been lost or damaged?>
Which type of warehouse equipment is part of storage aids system?
General purpose shelves
Whose responsibility is it to determine who will process controlled tric and inform the remote processing station terminal security manager which controlled TRICS each user I.D. is authorized to process?
Individual flight chiefs and terminal security monitors.
Which of the following file maintenance processes updates various basic and support records, such as item records, routing identifier records and warehouse locations?
MISC file maintenance
Which ISG relationship identifies an item that can only be used in place of another for a particular used or under certain conditions?
What TRIC is used to assign a deployment flag on a MRSP detail?
What TRIC is used to process a cannibalization?
How is a freeze code O deleted for all TRICS except DOR?
Automatically deleted from the item record by RVP program
What TRIC is used to issue assets from an MRSP?
Who must ensure that all local resources are exhausted before submitting a MICAP requisition?
Maintenance and supply personnel
Which principle of materiel handling requires consideration of legal and physical restrictions concerning transportation?
Advance planning of materiel handling methods and equipment
What reflects inventory trends and problem areas?
Trend Charts
With in what time period are weapons and COMSEC source documents considered delinquent?
3 workdays
What system serves as the primary basis for organizational equipment budgets and buy programs?
What type of assets recieves priority handling throughout the recieving process and is never left unattended?
Issues froma supply point are considered
ovaer the counter
How many FT. must you seperate flammable storage facilities from other storage facilities?
What term reflects the quantity that must be on hand to permit continuous operation during minor interruptions of normal replenishment?
Safety Level Quantity
What activity assigns freeze code Q and notifies the activity responsible for the initial input on a reverse post?
The activity finding the error
What document identifies and authorizes bare base equipment requirements?
War plans additive requirements report(WPARR)
Equipment Authourization inventory data (EAID) equipment turni-ins are processed using what activity code?
What document identifier code is used to report excess items to item managers?
What credit code do you use to override SBSS program control and allow full credit for a supply man. act. group item regardless of stock position?
If an item record requiring reverse post action doesn't contain a freeze code, what code is assigned?
Which of the following requests should be input into the air force manegment system (AFEMS) using the TACR screen?
A change to an allowance standard
What document identification code identicates a denial to a redistribution order sent by afmc item managers?
How often are custodian authorization/custody reciept listing (CA/CRL)jacket files verified to ensure that current CA/CRL is on file and signed by the appointed custodian?
What describes the items and quantities of equipment normally required by the Air Force activites and individuals to accomplish their mission?
Allowance standards
What must be annotated on all supply transaction documentation for weapons?
Documentation of serial #'s
The duties and responsibilities of each Air force career field or specialty are described in ?
AFMAN 36-2108
Non-Equipment authorization inventory data(Non-EAID) equipment turn-ins are processed using what activity code?
What is the largest subdivision of the AFMAN 23-110, USAF supply Manual?
For which Air Force supply management activity group division does the AF item manager determine all materiel support items that the AF will need?
The consolidated Inventory Adjustment Document (IAD) Register M10 must contain an entry for each adjustment transaction appearing on what 2 registers?
D04 and D06
How is a decision normally made on weather to give a customer a refund for the turn in of propery?
Automatically, under SBSS program control
What code on the MICAP report(DIC B9x) identifies the reason for the out of stock condition that existed at the time of the MICAP requisition?
What term is used to describe selected XD that are candidates for two level repair?
Depot level repairables
What AF manual governs the U.S. AF supply system?
Which division of Air Force SMAG operates at both wholesale and retail levels?
Materiel support division (MSD)
Users can query standard base-level computer consilidated transaction history(CTH) records as far back as
1 YR or more
How often does the procedures element conduct surveillance visits to all COS functions, except fuels and the supply squadron section?
How many divisions make up the AF SMAG?
Which option in the reject processor computer program is used to force delete a reject image?
option 3
How many flights make up a typical base supply organization?
Which agency has responsibly for providing supply support throughout the DOD?
The Defense Logistics Agency
What does the first digit of an AFSC identify?
Career field
What rank is required to qualify for the wholsale logistics program?
What are the two wholesale programs?
Which source of supply is responsible for cradle to grave management of every AF weapon?
Air Force Materiel Command
Which program was created to promote a better understanding of the wholesale supply system?
Wholesale logistics program
How long does document control maintain a copy of the D04 on disk?
2 Years
during a surveillance visit, you should coordinate your review of management products with what activity?
What is the purpose of the AF Form 2032?
Updates inspecion data
After how many days of computerdowntime must manual MICAP report be accomplished for MICAP incidents?
What PC program is used to manage mobility bags?
What does the input parameter request for an in use/in place equipment inventory generate?
CA/CRL and equipment labels
Which data transaction portion of Air Force Equipment Management AFMES C001 must be accessed to process configuation data?
Which listing is an important tool for monitoring status and maintaining visibility of DIFM assets
How is a MICAP due out established?
Tric ISU with MICAP Flag N and the appropriate MICAP UJC
What form is used to submit permanent changes for production forecasting?
The last page of the M10 shows the number of sample inventories in progress over how many days?
Which freeze code is used to freeze the item record for a special inventory?
What stock leveling terms represents the maximum quantity that should be on hand or on order to sustain current operations?
What AF form is used to request an adjusted stock level?
AF form 1996
Which type of shipment describes a shipment of materiel by operating bases that results from reciepts of redistribution orders referral orders replies to reports of customer excess shipping orders or directives from AF item managers?
What transation exception Code(TEX) code is used to process a return for an item damaged in shipment?
Which code on a issue request is used by SBSS to select the correct internal program to process an input transaction?
What management notice reflects the quantity issued killed or due out?
What TRIC is used to establish and maintain WCDO records?
What TRIC is used to load the storage location on a supply point detail?
Who may sign for equipment items?
Only primary and alternate equipment custodian or organization commander may sign
Which report does record maintenance use to review and validate all delivery destination records loaded in the supply database?
Organization effectiveness report
Which transaction identification code(TRIC) is used to load, change or delete a special purpose recoverable authorized maintenance(SPRAM) details?
Which codes are used to determine the requisition priority designator used at the SOS?
What have a due-out release for a retail outlet item that is being held for customer pick up after how many days from the computer-processed date will the release document become delinquent if not completely cleared?
10 workdays
What listing is used to manage delinquent shipment suspense detail?
Who must review the residue portion of the supply interface system end of day(EOD) report to ensure users clear residue images in a timely manner?
Procedures and analysis
What means is used to show how career advancement is achieved through the progression of skill levels, and professional military education?
Career Path
What listing is used to reconcile supply point assets?
What is the purpose of the shipment suspense program?
Ensure that an item has been shipped
Which of the following is not a responsibility of supply management specialist?
Perform supply systems control functions
All shipments and transfers processed through supply produce what type of detail?
Shipment suspence or shipped-not-credited
What detail may be created erroneuosly by processing a reciept not due-in with out tex code I
Recieved not billed RNB
When are shipped not credited details eliminated
only after the credit billing input is recieved and processed
What AFMC system computes readiness based level (RRL) levels for selected XD items?
Which items are considered partial redistributable materiel?
Serviceable materiel on hand that exceed the computed requisitioning objective
What determines the items quantities and basis of issue for approved equipment allowances and provides guidance for the correct interpretation of these allowances?
What code can be used to protect a temporary large quantity of bench stock items from disposition
an Excess Exception code
What review code on a due out cancellation input idicates the due out cancellation was processed in the Core Automated Maintenance System(CAMS)?
Which of the following transactions is processed during a Phase I manual post-post procedure?
Shipments for unserviceable critical items
Which of these is a basic ground rule for conducting a surviellance visit to a chief of supply function?
Check in and out with the flight chief
To indicate that additional research is needed the inventory recount image contains a research indication of...
Complete control of inventories and use of total financial authority are the primary responsibilities of which AF SMAG manager?
Division SMAG manager
How often should you conduct an inspection of on the shelf TCTO items assigned either NPPC 4 or the TCTO flaf?
Warehouse stockrooms are sequenced from
Left to right, Front to rear
Who or what is responsible for conducting a thoruough and liable accident prevention program for each storage activity?
Each person incharge of the storage activity
When must an operation budget be prepared?
Each fiscal year
The Air Force supply management activity group is divided into how many divisions?
Before you can access the reciept processing screen, what must you enter on the reciept inquiry screen?
System designator and due in document #
How are storage bin rows in a warehouse numbered?
Odd numbers are assigned to the left of the main aisle
By at least how many FT must a cylinder storage facility be seperated from other buildings?
Which issue exception codes identify health hazards items?
8,9,or M
Compressed gas cylindrs should not be stored at temperatures...
in excess of 125 degrees F
In what class of storage vault will secret and confidential material be stored?
What activity must approve all additions or deletions to the health hazard approval listing?
Bioenvironmental Engineering Services
How are issues to an MRSP processed?
TRIC: ISU with activity code U
How are decentralized support centers designed?
To provide direct support to maintenance organizations
Within the base supply complex who monitors the operation of the supply account during actual post-post periods?
What three elements make up a reject phrase?
A reject code, a descriptive phrase and action flag
What are the primary responsibilities of a division SMAG manager?
Complete control of inventories and financial decisions for his/her division
What is the purpose of a MICAP delete code?
They are used to identify the reason for termination
Which of the afems daya transaction functions gives you the capability to define and maintain equipment allowances and quantitiesof equipment?
What SBSS report is used to reconcile the MASS/SBSS databases?
What computer input is used to load a TCTO flag?
What AFEMS(C001) screen is used to input an AF Form 601 request?
What is the purpose of AFMAN 23-110?
To establish a uniform system of stock control
What document is used to identify the quantities of war consumables authorized for pre positioning and prestocking in support of war time missions?
War consumable distrubution objective
Which type of RSP is used to support an organization in place for the first 30 days of wartime operation?
Which publication explains terms and prescribes policy and procedures for preserving and packing material at AF activities?
AFI 24-202
Which form is used to inspect materiel-handling equipment such as warehouse tugs and forklifts?
AF form 1810
Who is responsible for reviewing part 8 of the D20, Base Sueveillance Report, daily security violation list?
Management and system officers
What code provides maintenance activities with repair level responsibilities, support methods and disposition instructions?
SMR Codes
What input changes the unit price,unit of issue, and quantity unit pack?
What section or element in Supply has responsibility for developing supplementary directives when needed?
Who must approve the use of credit code "Y" prior to processing?
SMAG Manager
What are the four major types of computer inquiries?
Item record, detail record, Part # record and other record
What are the three types of analysis?
Trend analysis, problem analysis and special studies
What TRIC is used to issue an item from a supply point detail?
How would the document file name for Volume 2, Part 2 chapter 3 be identified in a search of AFMAN 23-110 USAF Supply Manual?
What type of inquiry is used when detail records are to be read out for a specific document number?
Detail record
What section is responsible for submitting, controlling and monitoring DIREPS?
Within what time period must you return the annoted forecast listings to the production scheduler?
By 15th workday of the same month
A regional supply squandron is designed to provide supply support at what level?
Major command
What supply register may be prepared to replace the daily transaction D06?
Consolidated Transaction (M19)
What type of supply source documents are not placed in a permanent doc file?
Source document with file indicator D
A supply source document normally becomes delinquent if not completely processed before the sixth workday after the....
Who is responsible for submitting and monitoring difficulty reports?
procedures element
Who must approve the use of the use of credit code "Y" in the SBSS program control prior to the processing of a stock fund turn-in?
Base SMAG manager
Within the chief of supply complex, who is assigned the resource advisors job?
SMAG manager
A category III difficulty report does not stop computer system processing and is corrected?
In the next scheduled release
Who is responsible for ensurin that all post post transactions are processed and rejects cleared before allowing online processing to start?
Post post control team chief
What are the 2 forms of the consolidated transaction register?
Register or microfilm
What is an allowance standard?
A document that describes the items and quantities of equipment required by AF activities and individuals to accomplish the mission
Which division of the Air Force SMAG is responsible for managing all retail(base funding) expense items?
General Support Division (GSD)
The first digit of an Air Force specialty code(AFSC) identifies the.....
Career field
When does the repair cycle of an item begin and end?
Begins with the item's removal from an aircraft or end item, ends with TRIC TIN
How is the decision to give a customer credit for turn in normall[y determined?
Automatically under SBSS program control
Which chapter in AFMAN 23-110 USAF Supply Manual, Volume 2 part 2 identifies the action required to correct standard base supply system rejects that are created during processing?
What dictates which major functions you may access for transaction processing in Air Force equipment management system?
User Profile
Within what time frame are the replies to surveillance report furnished to the MSO?
Within 15th day of the report
which option in the SBSS reject processor program is used to force delete a reject that contains an error in the document number?
How often must an operation and maintenance budget(financial plan) be developed?
Each fiscal year
How far back can user query CTH records?
1yr or more
What credit code do you use to allow full credit, regardless of stock position?
What record retrieval code is used to obtain repair cycle data?
What releveling flag is used on an inquiry to obtain requirements computation data for a given stock number?
How many different types of reports can be processed using the standard base level computer(SBLC)?
What reject is produced when you try to process a turn in against an NSN that has due-outs?
383 rejects
Who is the primary SMAG manager?
Shief of supply
What type of codes are used on an item record inquiry to obtain specific data from the computer?
Record retrieval codes
What analysis method do you use most often to satisfy a one time requirement or solve a specific problem?
Special studies
What type of codes are used on an item record inquiry to obtain specific data from the computer?
Record Retrieval Codes
Which FCI format is used to load, change, or delete equipment authorized/ in-use details?
Which of the following codes replaces the cost designator in the expendability recoverability,repairability cost designator(ERRCD) for an equipment item?
Equipment management
Who must mutaully agree on the selection of property custodians?
EMS and organizational commanders
What system does program control use to assign a requisition priority for each requisition?
What program can be used to perform a complete reconciliation with SBSS and AFEMS C001?
What reconciliation flag on the status detail record indicates the TRIC AFC action was taken to request improved status on a requisition?
What listing is used to monitor delinquent shipment suspense details?
What publication desribes the general duties and responsibilities for supply management?
AFMAN 36-2108
When is a TCTO jacket file established?
Upon reciept of an AF FORM 2001
What product does the management and systems officer use to monitor unauthorized TRIC processing?
D20 part 8
What is the purpose of SNUD?
To provide automatic updates to item records
What TRIC is used to retrieve and format stock# data in fedlog from an SBLC environment?
What TRIC is used to load change or delete an ISG?
How does the supply representative reciept for a repair cycle asset turn in that is picked up?
By signing and dating copy of the original issue request or DOR
How are tasked units identified in O PLAN or TFPDO?
Unit type codes
What activity reviews current financial data and make recommendations on what materiel to buy?
Financial working group
The basic resource of any supply and distribution operation is the
Storage Space
Which method of storage helps to ensure that the oldest items are issued before they become outdated
First in First out
Which input is used to load,change or delete supply point details?
When planning a warehouse layout what type of space must be kept to a minimum so as to increase storage space and utilization?
Work Area
What information is required to make an automated reverse post input?
Transaction serial number TTPC and date
What do you do with the prefilled data on an automated reverse post input?
Screen for accuracy and input it
What supply register lists info from the transactions stored in the daily transaction history area of the supply database?
Daily transaction (D06)
Which supply activity code is used to process issue to maintenance for functional check items?
Which of the following transactions is authorized reverse post action?
A funding error in which the unit price change variance is 500 percent or greater
What is the TRIC for an automated reverse post transaction?
How often does Document Control perform a revalidation of those people who are authorized to reciept for classified property?
Which of these is not a responsibility of the post-post control team?
Keep a log of major events and problems that occur during post-post
IF you find deficiencies during a surveillance visit to a chief of supply function, you must furnish a detailed written report to the flight chief with in.....
5 workdays after the exit briefing
What analysis method do you use most often for recieving reports or for comparing statistical data with standards and norms?
Trend Analysis
What listing is used to determine which routing identifier records should be deleted after end of year processes due to lack of use?
Q05 Routing Identifier Listing
What product do you use to reconcile recap sheets after the completion of the inventory?
Defin cannibalization
Removing a part from one end item and installing it in another
What report is your primary management tool to help track micap requisitions and their status when the SBSS is down?
Which working files lists all item records loaded in the SBSS database?
Stock Number Directory (M14)
what is the status code for and item being processed for release or shipment?
What management notice is output when a reciept or turn in is processed against a stock number that is coded as a suspect item?
What category of reuseable containers has an exterior container usually made of metal plastic or synthetic materiel?
To request a special inventory what document does the requesting activity prepare?
Special Inventory Request 1GP
What code is assigned to the item record of any warranty or guarantee item recieved?
Issue Exception Code B