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what an academic achievement test measures
skills in math, reading, science, and social studies
the final step in the decision-making process
evaluating your decision
jobs that are part of the agriculture occupational cluster
tree surgeon, soil conservationist, and livestock rancher
Entrepreneurs should be sure they always take care of ...
their customers and employees
work done beyond your regular work hours
To be safe, when should you endorse your paycheck?
after you arrive at the bank
the quality of doing what needs to be done without being told
What is the first step in setting up a budget?
listing your spending goals
what you should put in the first paragraph of an application letter
identify the job you are writing about
what careful consumers avoid
impulse buying
something you want to accomplish
when completing a W-4 form, what should you write besides your social security number
the number of your dependents
what you should do if you are laid off
try to remember that losing the job was not your fault
a person who works without pay
what employers usually expect their workers to do
put in a full day's work, be willing to learn, and be dependable

(all of the above)
the money left over after a business pays its expenses
What you should do two weeks before you leave your job
give notice
getting your message across to others
critism that is designed to be helpful
eagerness and interest
A strike is usually organized by
a labor union
a person with an aptitude for ice skating
the person can easily learn to be a good ice skater
If you have a positive attitude, you ...
make the best of a bad situation, are usually enthusiastic, and help other people
(all of the above)
a person who knows you and knows the kind of work you do or the kind of person you are
what to expect when starting a new job
to wait several months before you can take any vacation days
a reaction to medication other than the one intended
side effect
how you can improve your speaking communication
by pronouncing each word clearly
the use of ideas, processes, tools, and materials to get things done
What takes place when two people compromise?
they both give up something in order to reach an agreement
a spending plan that helps people manage their money
the general purpose of a job interview
to allow the employer and the job seeker to get acquainted
once you have made a career decision, your next step should be
making a career plan
the outward sign of your inner self; the total result of your attitudes, environment, and way of looking at life
state employment agencies do not
charge fees
an example of the legal changes that affect the world of work
the Equal Opportunity Act
what employment trends tell you about the careers you are considering
whether the need for workers in that career will grow or shrink
getting a job higher in rank than the job you already have
When should you use a calculator to try to improve your math skills?
only to check math problems you have already solved
a person who works for himself or herself; a person who starts and owns a business that other people work for
when is it unfair to use inside help to get a job
when you are not qualified for the job
money earned from work or other sources, such as stocks or savings accounts; spendable money
the problems with decision-making that shows that you probably lack self confidence
you are afraid of change, you put things off, you are afraid of failure

(all of the above)
a temporary job
a job designed to last only for a specific period of time, such as several weeks or a few months
an apprentice learns an art or trade by
working for a set period of time in that field
any use of an illegal drug
substance abuse
another name for capitalism
free enterprise system
products that can be made
Who should make sure that the workplace is safe?
the employer, government agencies, and employees

(all of the above)
an entrepreneur must have
industry skills, management skills, and entrepreneurial skills

(all of the above)