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You should expect to continue doing career research
throughout your working life
a person who learns an art or trade by working for a set period of time in that field is an
setting a due date for each goal will...
help you keep track of your goals, give you a sense of accomplishment, and remind you of when you should reach the next goal.(all of the above)
courses in auto mechanics and child care are examples of
vocational education classes
What should your goals be?
specific, realistic, and based on what you want (all of the above)
what offers you a chance to learn a skill and earn a living at the same time
the armed services
You receive an associate degree when you complete the program at
a junior or community college
There are five G.E.D. tests. How many do you have to pass in order to receive a G.E.D. certificate?
all five tests
What should you expect from a part-time job in the career field that interests you?
work experience that will help you understand whether you want to continue in that field
a document that shows the holder has learned the things needed for a high school diploma is a
G.E.D. certificate
when you set goals for yourself, you should not...
set your goals too high
planning is important because a plan can help you
organize your activities, learn not to put things off, and sort things out in order of importance. ( all of the above)
When should you change your goals?
whenever you need to
a short-term course is called a
going back to school in mid-career can be a good way to
advance on the job, learn new skills, and improve your skills
(all of the above)
to check the reputation of a local private school, you should ask
the Better Business Bureau in your town
what factor does not need to be taken into account when you are making a career plan?
your friends opinions
the things you want to accomplish are called
Adult high school courses are
offered when working adults can take them
a person who puts things off is called a