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What is Amantadine?
A lysosomotropic agent taken up by the cells into endosomes and prevents early events in orthomyxovirus replication
How does Amantadine specifically stop influenza viral replication?
Interferes with uncoating
What are the side effects of Amantadine?
Influenza viruses become resistant
What does Zanamivix do?
Inhibits spread of influenza virus on mucous membranes - NANAase
What are the trick of antimetabolites?
Resemble nucleic acid so get incorpotated instead of the rela nucleic acid
What is IODO?
A thymidine analog that inhibits DNA viruses
What specifically can IODO be used for?
Topically applied to the conjunctiva in herpes conjunctivitis
What is Arabinose?
An antimetabolite that is a purine analogue
How does Arabinose inhibit DNA synthesis?
Intereferes with the nucleotide phosphokinase
What can topical Arabinose be used for?
Genital and conjunctival herpesvirus infections
What application type is required for Arabinose to treat enchephalitis or Hepatitis B?
Systemic application
How does Ribovirin work?
Interferes with biosynthesis of Purines
What can Ribovirin be used to treat?
Hepatitis B and DNA viruses
What is Acyclovir?
A Guanosine analog
What does Acyclovir do?
Interferes with Herpesvirus replication
What is AZT?
Thymidine analog
What does AZT do?
Inhibits retrovirus replication
How does AZT specifically inhibit retroviral replication?
induces cDNA chain termination of reverse transcriptase
When is AZT used?
Chemotherapeutic agent in Lentiviruses to reduce viral load
Which antimetabolites are teratogenic?
Arabinose and Ribovirin
What is crixivan?
A protease inhibitor of viral stuctural protein processign
What does Mytomycin C do?
Inhibits replication of host cells and DNA viruses and retroviruses
What does actinomycin D do?
Inhibits nRNA transcription
Which viruses are actinomycin D affective on?
DNA viruses
What was Rifampicin initially used to treat?
How does Rifampicin work?
Modulates specificity for viral polymerases -
What do Puromycin/Cycloheximide do?
Inhibit eukaryotic synthesis so viral proteins are not made in infected cells
DNA and RNA viruses
How do synthetic active sites of receptors work?
They are synthetic stuructures that mimic receptor determinants and bind to virus ligands thus inhibiting infection of cells