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Lean (V)

lean on smthg or smne
to be left or right of a vertical position.
Lessen (V)
Least (N)
Less (Adj)
to reduce in size
Medical (Adj)
Medically (Adv)

medical equipement
medical school
of, relating to, or concerned with physicians or the practice of medicine
Rareness (N)
Rare (Adj)
Rarely (Adv)
seldom occurring or found

Uncommon (Syn)
Relieve (V)
Relief (N)

relieve smthg from smthg
free from burden

to give aid or help to smne
Revolutionize (V)
Revolution(ist) (N)
Revolutionary (Adj)
to overthrow the established government of...
Sharpen (V)
Shapreness (N)
Sharp (Adj)
Sharply (Adv)

fall/rise sharply
to make smthg sharp

adapted to cutting

(BR) very smart
Stress (N)
(Un)stress(ful)/(ed) (Adj)
a physical, chemical, or bodily fact that causes mental tension
Tradition (N)
Traditional (Adj)
Traditionally (Adv)
an inherited, established or customary action or pattern, which is passed each generation.
Classic(al) (Adj)

classical music
serving as a standard of excellence
Conclude (V)
Conclusion (N)
(In)Conclusive (Adj)
(In)Conclusively (Adv)

in conclusion
to conclude
to bring to an end especially in a particular way or with a particular action
Convene (V)
Convention (N)
Conventional (Adj)
Conventionally (Adv)
to cause to assemble or come together.
Depress (V)
Depression (N)
Depress(ed)/(ing) (Adj)
to lessen the strength of.

to press down.

Sadden and discourage (syn)
Dramatize (V)
Drama, Dramatization, Dramatist (N)
Dramtic (Adj)
Dramatically (Adv)
a piece intended to portray lifeor to tell a story usually involving conflicts and emotions through action and dialogue and typically designed for theatrical performance.
Immediate (N)
Immediately (Adj)

immediately following
Next in line or sequence
International (Adj)
Internationally (Adv)
of or relating to two or more nations.