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Authority (N)
Authoritative (Adj)
The authority of the court, an authoritarian parent
to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior

synonym see INFLUENCE, POWER
Brief (Adj)
Briefing (N)
Briefness (N)
Briefly (Adv)
I'll give you a brief definition
short in duration, extent, or length

Capacity (N)
Capacity of
holding, storing, or accommodating

Consequent (Adj)
Consequence (N)
1. As a consequence
2. A consequence of this
- in consequence
as a result
Exist (V)
Existence (N)
Nonexistent (Adj)
To be real or imaginary
<did unicorns exist>
<the largest galaxy known to exist>

to have being in a specified place
<strange ideas existed in his mind>

to continue to be
<racism still exists in society>

to have life or vitality
<we cannot exist without oxygen>
Experiementation (N)
Experimental (Adj)

<make another experiment of his suspicion -- Shakespeare>

an operation carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect or law
Explain (V)
Explanation (N)
Explanatory (Adj)
to make known

to make plain or understandable

<footnotes that explain the terms>

to give the reason for or cause of
Flexibility (N)
Inflexibility (N)
Flexible (Adj)
Inflexible (Adj)
Being able to adapt or change
<a flexible foreign policy>

<a flexible schedule>

Inflexible -
incapable of change : UNALTERABLE
Identical (Adj)
Identically (Adv)
being the same

<the identical place we stopped before>
Imply (V)
Implication (N)
Implication of
to ınfer smthg indirectly rather than by direct statement

<rights imply obligations>
Indicate (V)
Indication (N)
Indicator (N)
to point out or point to
to be a sign, symptom, or index of

<the high fever indicates a serious condition>
Influence (V)
Influential (Adj)
Influence of
the act getting smbdy or smthg to do smthg for you.
Miserable (Adj)
Miserably (Adv)
being in a state of unhappiness (as from want or shame)

<miserable refugees>

inadequate or meager

<a miserable hotel>
Participate (V)
Participant (N)
Participation (N)
participate in
to possess attributes of a person, thing, or quality

to take part

<always tried to participate in class discussions>
Perform (V)
Performance (N)
Performer (N)
to carry out an action

to give a performance : PLAY
Persuade (V)
Persuasion (N)
Persuasive (Adj)
Persuasively (Adv)
Persuade him to do smthg
to move by argument
Physical (Adj)
Physically (Adv)
of or relating to the body

concerned or preoccupied with the body and its needs
Psychology (N)
Psychologist (N)
Psychological (Adj)
Psychologically (Adv)
the study of mind and behavior
Research (V)
Researcher (N)
Research Project,
Conduct Research
investigation or experimentation which tries to discover or interperet facts.
Respond (V)
Response (N)
Respond to smth / smne
to say something in return

make an answer

<respond to criticism>
Role (N)
The role of
(1)a character assigned or assumed

(2)a socially expected behavior usually determined by an individual's status in a society
Select (V)
Selection (N)
Selective (Adj)
chosen from a number/group by fitness/preference

of special value or excellence

Series (N)
Series of
a number of things or events coming one after another in tımely order.

<a concert series>

<the hall opened into a series of small rooms>
Strictness (N)
Strict (Adj)
Strictly (Adv)
Strict regulations
stringent in requirement or control
<under strict orders>

severe in discipline
<a strict teacher>
Text (N)
Textual (Adj)
Textually (Adv)
In a text, textual clues
(1)the original words and form of a written or printed work

(2)an edited or emended copy of an original work