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cross-border partnership b/t 2 or more firms from different countries
2 types of GSAs
1- equity JV
2- collective JV
additional economic benefits arising from cooperation b/t 2 parties that provide each other w/ complementary capabilities or resources
disadvantages facing GSAs
1- loss of autonomy and control
2- possible information leakage
3- local partners becoming future competitors
4- inter-partner differences in strategic goals
reasons for companies starting synergies
risk reduction
knowledge acquisition
economies of scale and rationalization
competition mitigation
improved local acceptance
market entry
how is ownership of GSA determined?
% of equity held by each partner
5 C's in partner selection
1- goal compatibility
2- capability
3- commitment
4- resource complementarity
5- cooperative culture
types of ownership GSA
1- majority owned JV
2- minority JV
3- co-owned JV
3 types of termination
1- termination by acquisition
2- termination by redefinition
3- termination by dissolution