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Advancement Manual for Enlisted Personnel of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Reserve
Navy Enlisted Advancement System
Who is the sole authority for advancement of personnel to paygrades E7 through E9, and the sole authority for the removal of enlisted personnel selected for advancement to E7 to E9 from a selection board list?
When does a members elgibility for a special enlisted selection board terminates?
9 mo after the regular board convened
What is the FMS System based on?
1. Knowledge
2. Performance
3. Experience Factors
4. Whole Person
What are issued to supplement the advancement policies?
Naval Administrative Messages
Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)
DIC is a compensation program administered by the Department of Veterans Affair (VA)
SBP applies to any retired or retainer pay awarded a member as a result of military service, including those members transferred to __________?
1. Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL)
2. Permanant Disability Retired List (PDRL)
3. and members of former members of the Naval Reserve.
What factors are considered for the FMS for E4 through E6?
1. Advancement-In-Rate
2. Exam Score
3. Performance Eval
4. Service in Paygrade
5. Awards
6. Previous Exam Performance
Enlisted personnel may be advanced to paygrades E2 through E6 after meeting what instructions criterias?
Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS)
What is the FMS comprised of for E7?
1. Exam Score
2. Performance Eval
What action should be taken when examinations are received from activities other than NETPDTC (N321)?
Send a receipt to the forwarding command, as the examinations charged to the original receiving activity.
After verifying the contents of the exam package against the packing list, sign and date the packing list and maintain the original in command files for a period of _________?
2 Years
What are the border colors on the cover identifies the classification of the examination?
Secret - Red
Confidential - Blue
For Official Use Only - Black
What advancment program was established in 1978 as an incentive for seagoing personnel to be recognized for superior performance while working in a rigorous operating enviroment experienced at sea or while forward deployed?