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Architectural style
character of building form and ornamentation
the art of science of building design and construction
Bay depth
length from the front to the back of a building; length from hallway to outside of a building
Ceiling height
length from floor to ceiling
Column spacing
length from column to column
harmony of a building with its use & its environment
altering improvements to fit a different use
Elevator capacity
weight an elevator is rated to carry
Energy conservation
means to save energy in a building
Energy efficiency
the measure of savings of energy in a building
Floor load
the weight rated for a floor (live load or dead load)
Formal architecture
design to meet aesthetic & functional criteria for those trained in architectural history
Functional inutility
impairment of functional capacity according to the market
Functional utility
ability to be useful for market tastes & standards, and efficiency of style
Gross building area (GBA)
total floor area, measured from exterior, excluding unenclosed areas
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning sytems (HVAC)
part of the equipment & mechanical systems of a building
Hotel Design
functionality & look of a hotel building(s)
Industrial buidling design
functionality & look of a industrial building(s)
Live load/load bearing capacity
floor load capacity is measured in live-pounds psf, live-load is anything that can be moved; dead -load is the portion of the building (the floor) that is being supported
Market standard
acceptability of building by market participants for purchase or rental
Mixed-use development (MUD)
properties put to at least 3 different revenue-producing uses
Pre-engineered construction
buildings where components are constructed offsite & put together on-site
Parking ratio
space per building square footage; parking area to building area
Public amenities
in retail, those areas not specifically occupied by specific tenants such as restroom, landscaping, open areas, etc.
Regional building styles
formal architectural differences because of locational influences
Reinforced concrete
concrete made stronger by adding steel or other material
placement of a building on its site
Special-purpose design
architecture that tends to limit a building to a single use
Storage buildings design
buildings designed to store, organize materials, and to provide for efficient shipping
Styrofoam forming
a new form of construction where concrete is poured in styrofoam forms that are reinforced by steel & left after used as forms for insulation purposes
Tempurature control system
the electrical system that controls the HVAC system
Truss system
reinforcement of horizontal members based upon triangular reinforcement which replaces typical joist framing
Vernacular architecture
design without reference to aesthetic and functional criteria of architectural history
Work letter
a contract that specifies the details of build-out in a lease space