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Intumescent coatings
coatings that expand when exposed to heat. Used to protect steel.
Whats the difference between gypsum board and Type-X gypsom board?
Type X is used in fire resistive assemblies.
Minimum size of columns in heavy timber construction?
Phase one operation elevators
All elevators are recalled to their terminal (ground) floor
Phase two operation elevators
Allows firefighter to override the phase one feature
When using an elevator at a fire, how often should you stop and re evaluate the use of the car?
Every five floors
Hazard associated with hoist buffers that have been exposed to fire
What type of occupancy would not have any of the phase two elevators? or any controls inside the car.
Jails, houses of detention
What is visible from the outside of a masonary building signaling repairs have been made to the structure.
Thrust plates are where the tie rods are installed in the wall.
Another name for a drop ceiling
membrane ceiling
Define building code
body of law that determines minimum standards that a building must meet in the interest of community safety.
Span rating of 32/16 means what?
may be used on rafters 32 inches apart and floor joists 16 inches apart
Whats the max length for a glulam member
Whats the course of bricks called when they are stood up on one end?
Soldier course
What the requirement for fire walls?
usually four hour fire rating
How might fire walls be reduced or eliminated?
Automatic Sprinklers
Whats an elevator terminal switch?
Switch that is designed to stop the car by removing power before it reaches the upper or lower limits of the hoistway
What is required for windows that are in close proximity to exterior stairs?
wired glass
Whats it called when corrosion occurs between two types of metals?
Galvanic action
minimum dimensions for post and beam construction
In what case can a type one building have a unprotected non combustible roof?
a certain height above the floor
Type one building codes allow for limited use of combustible components where?
Interior wall coverings, platforms, roof coverings, windows and doors
Type II has a sub classification of 000 signifying a building with no fire rating
How are combustible materials protected in class III construction?
drywall and plaster
whats another name for type IV construction?
Mill construction
is brick veneer used to increase a fire rating?
No only offers a very small protection against communication of fire between buildings
what is a effect a building is designed to resist?
What type of load is any structural part of the building?
What type of load is an elevator?
How is snow load calculated?
The snow load on the ground
What are the forces that resist the applied loads ?
what causes spalling?
heating of moisture in the concrete
Describe heat sink?
concrete releases heat slowly over time. Overhauling forces will be exposd to heat release
besides heat what else could cause spalling?
The rate of unprotected steel failure is dependent on what?
Intesity of fire
load supported by steel
type of structural connections used to join the steel