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the breasts lie b/w
the 2nd and 6th ribs and b/w the sternal edge and the midaxillary line, the tail of spence extends into the axilla
mammry gland
composed of 15-20 lobes. each lobe has 50-75 lobules. lobules contain acini cells, which produce milk
lactiferous ducts
carry milk from glands to lactiferous sinuses
lactiferous sinuses
store milk
darker tissue surrounding nipple. comtains occasional hair follices and small glands that lubricate nipple during breastfeeding
montgomery's gland
sebaceous glands
pg 446
cooper's ligament
suspensory ligaments attached to chest wall musculature that supports breasts
internal mammary artery
pg 446
tanner stage of breast dev- stage 1
prepuberty, elevation of papilla
tanner stage of breast dev- stage 2
breast bud. elvation of breast and nipple and increased diameter of areola
tanner stage of breast dev- stage 3
areola deepens in color and enlarges further. glandular tissue begins to develop beneath areola
tanner stage of breast dev- stage 4
areola appears as a mound; breast appears as a mound
tanner stage of breast dev- stage 5
mature breast. areola recesses to general contour of breast; nipple projects forward
azhkenazi jews and breast cancer
azhkenazi jews have a greater incidence of breast cancer than other ethnic groups b/c they are believed to have a gene that predisposes them to ''familial breast cancer''
white women and black wm and bc
white wm have a higher incidence than nonwhite wm, but AA wm have a lower survival rate than white wm
breat pain or tenderness
approach 2 the breasts
inspection and palpation
positions used and why
sittin, arms at side;

sittin, arms over head and sittin, hands on hips; used for detecting dimpling or retracting of breast tissue
sittin, leaning forward; use to assess large, pendulous breasts

supine w. pillow under shoulder of breast being examined; pillow/towel helps spread the brest tissue over the chest wall
exam in breast reconstruction
done exactly smae way for natural breasts
spontaneous discharge of nipples are normal only
during pregnancy and lactation
most breast lesions are found
in upper outer quad which includes tail of spence
when should bse should be performed
when should bse should be performed in premenopausal wm
5-7 days after the menstrual cycle begins or 3-5days after it ends
when should bse should be performed in postmenopausal wm
same day each month