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General term for the art and science of measuring the bone mineral density for diagnosis of Osteoporosis
Bone Densitometry
Is bone living tissue?
What 2 categories is bone made up of?

Cancellous or trabecullar
Cortical bone?
outer portion or dense shell
cancellous or trabecullar bone
latticelike/spongy portion that provides strength
Bone masses increases until what age?
At what age does bone denisty start to decrease more pronouncely?
Osteoporosis is a health threat for how many americans
25 million
What are the causes of osteoporosis?
1. menopause
2. height of more than 5'6
3. diet low in calcium
4. inactivity
5. smoking
6. Caucasian or Asian
incorporates use of high and low x-ray energy range to account for maximal attenuation differences in bone and soft tissue
Dual- energy x-ray absorptiometry
Allows both trabecullar and cortical bone analysis. Cost and radiation dose is higher.
Quantitative Computed Tomography
Uses nonionizing technique to assess bone mineral density in peripheral site selections. The most common site is os calcis
Quantitative Ultrasound
What type of positioning for DXA imaging
Spine and Hip