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Number of liters of blood in the body?
5 liters
% of body weight that blood comprises
Of all blood cells, what percent are plasma?
Of all blood cells, what percent are white blood cells?
Of all blood cells, what percent are red blood cells?
What is the size of an erythrocyte (red blood cell)?
7.2 micrometers
Life span of a red blood cells?
120 days
Number of red blood cells in a male?
5.0 to 5.5 million/mm^3 (microliter)
Number of red blood cells in a female?
4.5 to 5.0 million/mm^3 (microliters)
Number of leukocytes in male?
5,000 to 9,000/mm^3 in BOTH SEXES
2 Types of leukocytes?
1. Granulocytes
2. Agranulocytes
3 types of granulocytes
1. Neutrophils
2. Eosinophils
3. Basophils
Size of neutrophils?
12-15 µm (micrometers)
% of neutrophils in WBC?
50-70% of total WBC
Function of neutrophils?
Phagocytosis and antimicrobial activity
Size of eosinophils?
12 µm
% of eosinophils in total WBC?
1 - 4 % of total WBC
Function of eosinophils?
regulatory role in allergic reactions (Phagocytose Ag-Ab complex and inactivate histamine). Also anti-parasitic.
Size of basophils?
11 µm
% of basophils in total WBC?
Function of basophils?
Function in allergy and inflammation
2 types of agranulocytes?
1. Lymphocytes
2. Monocytes
Size of lymphocytes?
8 - 10 µm
% of lympocytes in total WBC?
20 - 40 % of total WBC
Function of lymphocytes?
B & T lymphocytes hurmoral and cell mediated immunity
Size of monocytes?
12 - 20 µm
% of monocytes in total WBC?
2 - 8 percent
Function of monocytes?
Function as macrophages (phagocytic)
Name of platelet cells?
Platelets are derived from...?
Size of platelets?
2 - 4 µm
Number of platelets in female?
200,000 to 300,000/mm^3 in both sexes
2 functions of platelets?
1. Blood aggregation and coagulation
2. Serotonin secretion
Life span of platelets?
8 days
mm^3 =
List the components of the formed elements in blood and their percentages/cell numbers:
See picture
What isw the width of a red blood cell?
2 microns thick
Newly formed RBC’s have residual rough endoplasmic reticulum and are termed...
The process in which the postcapillary venules are not well glued to each other (little spaces between them), and litterally these white blood cells will squeeze their way between adjacent endothelial cells
The adhesion of white blood cells to the endothelial cells of blood vessels that occurs at the site of an injury during the early phases of inflammation
What type of cell is this?
What type of cell is this?
Bone forming organs are called?
Hematopoietic tissue
Name 2 tissues where blood is formed?
1. Bone marrow
2. Lymphoid tissue
Bone marrow makes up what percentage of body weight?
4 - 6%
Two types of bone marrow
1. Red marrow
2. Yellow marrow
Name the 2 stem cell theories:
1. Monophyletic theory
2. Polyphyletic theory
Those cells that give rise to a particular blood cell are called...
colony forming units