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Layers of epidermis
Stratum Corneum
Stratum Granulosum
Spinous Layer
Basilar Layer

Cells are known as keratinocytes
Widening of spaces between keratinocytes due to intercellular edema
Referred to as ECZEMA
Allergic Dermatitis
Ex. Poison Ivy
Erythema and blistering develop
Lesions are extremely pruritic
Treatment is corticosteroids
After sensitization, patient remains allergic for rest of life
Atopic Dermatitis
Inherited predisposition to dermatitis
(Acne Vulgaris)
Targets hair follicles
Disease of the follicular duct
Follicular occlusion by keratin & sebum --> overgrowth of bacteria
PMNs release enzymes and disrupt follicular wall --> inflammation
Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis
Circulating ICs lodge in VENULAR walls
Complement components attract PMNs --> damage the vessels
Clinical hallmark is palpable purpura (often on legs)
Infiltration of vessel walls by PMNs
Endothelial swelling, Thrombotic vessel occlusion
Leukocytoclasis --> fragmentation of PMN nuclei
Erythema Multiforme
Presents as an eruption of macules, papules, etc.
Steven-Johnson Syndrome --> mucous membrane involvement
Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis --> exfoliation of skin
Triggers: HERPES, infectious agents, drugs
Histo -- Vacuolar degeneration, apoptotic bodies, perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate
Caused by Stap Aureus or Strep Pyo
Spreads by direct contact
Aggregates of PMNs at epidermal surface --> form SUBCORNEAL PUSTULE
Primary lesion is chancre (painless)
Secondary syphilis --> condyloma lata and maculopapular eruption
Gumma --> lesion of tertiary syphilis
PLASMA CELLS are diagnostically useful
Inflammation more granulomatous with advancing stages
Induced by HPV
Verruca Vularis -- occur anywhere
Verruca Plantaris -- soles of feet
Verruca Plana -- flat wart, over the face
Condyloma acuminatum -- anogenital region
Molluscum Contagiosum
Flesh-colored, dome-shaped nodules with central keratotic cores
Common in children
Causative member is POXVIRUS FAMILY
Papules have invagination filled with molluscum bodies
Herpes Virus Infection
Most commonly due to HSV 1 and 2, and Varicella-Zoster virus
Well known cause of fever blisters
Herpes Zoster results from reactivation of latent virus in DRG
Presents as eruption confined to a dermatome
Diaper Dermatitis
Pseudohyphae and yeast forms seen in stratum corneum
Tinea Vesicolor
Caused by Malassezia Furfur (Pityrosporum)
White, scaly patches on the trunk
Numerous yeast forms and short hyphae in stratum corneum
Caused by the human mite Sarcoptes Scabiei
Highly transmissable from person to person
Itching is intense
Commonly present on the fingerwebs, wrists, trunk, and genitalia